Why Hire A Partnership Dispute Lawyer?

The majority of people do not enter into a partnership anticipating to have disagreements with their partners. Business partnerships, like any other type of connection, can go bad. A partnership might become problematic if there are disagreements about finances, authority, or the business’s aims. That is where a business partnership lawyer comes in.

In other cases, one partner’s misbehavior could jeopardize the company. A thorough and well-drafted partnership agreement helps prevent many partnership problems from arising in the first place. A business partnership lawyer would help you identify how a partnership agreement might specify how earnings and losses will be distributed, as well as other details.

  • Decision-making rules
  • Each partner’s contribution to the partnership
  • Each partner’s responsibilities and power
  • How to settle disagreements and share the partnership if it dissolves

In the event of a partnership disagreement, the partnership agreement will take precedence. If the issue is about something that isn’t covered under the agreement, the Florida Revised Uniform Partnership Act will be used to settle it.

The Partnership Act also controls disputes concerning statutory elements that cannot be changed by a partnership agreement, such as a partner’s duty of loyalty being breached.

A business partnership lawyer can assist you in drafting a good partnership agreement that will help you prevent a variety of partnership conflicts down the road.

Even if you have a good partnership agreement in place, you may need the help of a partnership dispute lawyer to settle various issues that arise in your partnership. Here are five of the most typical reasons you might require the services of a partnership disagreement attorney.

Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

Business partners owe each other fiduciary duties of loyalty and good faith that they must uphold. The Florida Statutes spell out these obligations: not to compete with the partnership, not to break the law or engage in intentional misconduct, to account to the partnership for profits and the use of partnership property, not to act on behalf of adverse parties, and not to conduct business with gross negligence or recklessness.

You may be able to obtain an injunction or recover compensation and even punitive damages if a partner breaches a fiduciary obligation.

Partner Exclusion

A partner’s behaviors can sometimes make a partnership impossible. The other partners may strive to expel the problematic partner.

The partnership agreement usually governs expulsion. Professional misconduct, failure to fulfil contractual responsibilities, and/or breaching the partnership agreement may be grounds for expulsion.

In some cases, such as when it is illegal to continue doing business with a partner, Florida law allows for expulsion by unanimous vote of the other partners. Or the partners might ask the court to eject the partner for bad behavior.

Disagree On Business Management

Often, as a firm grows, partners will disagree on how the business should be run. Common challenges include: how to use the business’s resources, who has decision-making authority, which business possibilities to pursue, how to use the business’s revenues, and how to prioritize corporate goals.

Most of these problems can be avoided with a well-drafted partnership agreement. Your partnership agreement should cover all of this.

You may not have a partnership agreement, or your agreement may be insufficient or subject to interpretation.

A partnership conflict lawyer can help resolve disagreements between partners regarding how to run the business. Negotiating a new partnership agreement or revising an existing one.

Contract Breach

Partners may sign into several agreements to control their business and their behavior. Non-disclosure, non-compete, employment, and partnership agreements are examples of these agreements.

A partnership conflict lawyer can help if one of your partners has broken a contract or if you have been suspected of doing so.

Partnership Breakup

Partnerships can fail for many reasons. Disagreements and conflicts can cause a partnership to fail.

In other cases, a spouse just wants out, becomes disabled, retires, or dies. A partnership may also end after a specified term ends or when the partnership’s objective is achieved. The worth of a terminating partner’s stake of the enterprise. Whether a partner has breached the partnership contract, distinguishing the assets. Whether other partners can buy out a departing partner.

Many concerns relating to partnership termination can be settled by referring to the provisions of your partnership agreement.

It can get problematic if there is no partnership agreement or if the partnership agreement does not effectively address termination and dissolution.