Top 5 Reasons Why Royale Touche is Ideal for Laminates Sheets

Laminates Sheets

Laminates Sheets

Royale Touche Laminates has been manufacturing premium quality laminates for years now. We are popularly known for our dynamic and extensive Laminates Sheets catalogue, the durability and lifespan of our sheets, and their shocking affordable price range. Our laminates are suitable for installation in personal, commercial, and corporate spaces and they can be used to cover numerous surfaces. If you are planning to make your interiors look trendy and modern with a restrained budget, Royale Touche Laminates is the best choice for you.


We are often recognised as the best laminate brand in India because of the everlasting decorative laminates we produce. Our sheets are made from premium quality plastic, Kraft paper, and melamine resin and we pay special attention to the compression process for producing sturdy, long-lasting laminates. They are also resistant to a lot of wear and tear and therefore, are capable of withstanding heavy pressure and weights. With Royale Touche decorative laminates, you do not have to worry about chipping, cracking, and retouching your sheets. We have designed them to be functional and aesthetic at the same time.

A Wide Range of Choices

When opting for laminates as an option to refurbish your space, countless options are always helpful. We have incorporated numerous patterns, colours, textures, and finishes into our laminates so that everyone gets something of their choice. This extensive diversity of choices has helped us approach different sections of customers with distinctive needs. From matte and high-gloss laminates to PVC and acrylic laminates, to textured laminates, exterior laminates, kitchen laminates, and antibacterial laminates, we have got it all covered. If you want to mix and match colours and patterns to create a personalized laminate that is only suitable for your needs, we can help you with that too.


Decorative laminates from Royale Touche Laminates can be used for multiple purposes. They are incredibly functional and eye-pleasing to give you the perfect combination of beauty and practicality in one product. Our laminates can be used to decorate all kinds of places like the interiors of homes, offices, and commercial buildings like spas, hospitals, gymnasia, and educational institutes. You can use them as surfacing materials for wall panels, kitchen and bedroom cabinets, desks and furniture, and even on the floors. However, you have to be careful to choose the right kind of laminate for your desired purpose. Once you get that right, we are here to offer you all kinds of options to choose from.

Resistant Properties

As mentioned earlier, our decorative laminate sheets can bear extreme rough conditions and heavy wear and tear. They are designed to be resistant to scratches, smudges, and other stubborn stains. This makes them a suitable choice for using them in kitchens because they do not catch grease and oil quickly. Moreover, our laminates are also resistant to heat and water preventing them from the scorching heat of the sun and difficult rains. All of these qualities give our laminate sheets a long lifespan and make them an economic option. When compared to other traditional surfacing materials, Royale Touche Laminates are two times more durable and serve your purpose more appropriately.


Original surfaces like wood, plywood, and even paint are quite difficult to maintain and clean. Most of these surfaces can catch stubborn marks quickly and they are not easy to get rid of. Our decorative laminates are very easy to maintain and require negligible effort. All you have to do is make a mixture of soapy water and use a soft cloth to clean the laminate surface frequently. Remember not to use any harsh chemicals, detergents, or abrasive cloths. If maintained properly, laminates can easily last for about fifteen to twenty years without any need for repairing or retouching.


Ever wanted to escape the burden of installing traditional surfaces? We get you, the process is too lengthy and also burns your pocket. Royale Touche’s laminates are easy to install and you can do it yourself. This DIY project is the most affordable alternative to big-budget installations like marble, granite, or even tiles. You will receive an instruction manual when shopping for laminates which will mention all the necessary steps required to complete laminate installation. All you need is a laminate sticking glue and a laminate scraper to create an even surface.


Given all the implausible benefits of our laminates, you might think that investing in them will dig a hole in your pocket. However, decorative laminates are one of the most inexpensive alternatives to high-end surfacing materials like marble, granite, and wood. Royale Touche laminates are extremely cost-effective since they are quite durable in nature and last for a long time.