How to find the right product in our rollator comparison


Do you or your relatives suffer from uncertainties when walking due to age or illness, easy clean shower wall panels which makes it difficult to become independent in everyday life? Then get freedom and independence back with a practical rollator.

We have researched for you various rollator tests on the Internet, what distinguishes these walking aids from the wheelchair and the walking stick. Find safe models with brakes in the right size and equipment with our comparison table.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our rollator comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

  • The rollator or walker in tests is a walker on wheels, which can be used both for support when walking and as seating and transport aid. Unlike the wheelchair, users can still walk independently but benefit from the advantages of compact, lightweight rollators in the event of age or illness.
  • A rollator for seniors or people with illnesses is much easier to use than, for example, a walking stick or crutches. You push the rollator with pneumatic tires in front of you on two handles, can rest on the seat and transport small purchases in the basket on the narrow rollator.
  • A rollator with a seat gives older and disabled people back some independence in everyday life, as familiar routes and paths can be mastered again with the walker. For outdoor safety, reflectors, a tipping aid, and a handbrake are important.

If the legs get tired in old age, the condition decreases and simply a break is necessary, then the rollator is a real relief indoors and outdoors. The mobile walking aids allow physically disabled people to move safely and supported through the apartment and through everyday life outside.

We have researched in various rollator tests on the Internet, which properties you should pay attention to when choosing. In our rollator comparison 2022, we go into more detail about accessories, height-adjustable details, load capacity and seat width. Furthermore, we briefly discuss the possibility of covering costs for the degree of care and electric rollator alternatives.

Participate in mobility training with the rollator

Various transport companies and organizations offer training courses in which you learn how to use the rollator and the correct setting. In this way, incorrect postures due to too deep movements are avoided and at the same time the overcoming of stairs or getting on and off the bus and train is practiced.

What is a rollator?

A rollator in tests on the Internet is a walker that can be pushed in front of you like a stroller or shopping cart. The body is designed in such a way that a robust frame on four wheels is equipped with a low center of gravity. The handles on longer rods allow the rollator to be pushed in a practically upright shape, while the frame with seat and cup below the hip provides stability and support. The construction ensures by height-adjustable details that the rollator can be chosen suitable for tall people and for small people.

Alternatives or additions to the comfort of the walker are obtained by physically impaired or elderly people with the following inventions:

  • Toilet chair
  • Forearm crutches
  • Walking stick
  • Wheelchair
  • Electric rollator

In this comparison, we will neither discuss rollators with motor nor present the other aids. We fully focus on mechanical rollators that are pushed with their own physical strength, making indoor and outdoor paths more comfortable.

Before you compare products and prices, talk to the health insurance company about cost support or reimbursement. clean shower wall panel the family doctor can prescribe rollators on prescription in case of restrictions or the health insurance subsidizes a rollator, which then usually has to be purchased from specified cooperation partners.

Just as crutches are adjusted to body size, a rollator can also be set for small people or tall people. In addition, a rollator for overweight people needs a higher load capacity and a correspondingly wider seat for small breaks.