How to Choose the Right Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai

In the past two years, we noticed the tendency of many companies, institutions, restaurants and stores to create pages on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, so we said why not create our own social media accounts? But we were confused of what was recommended to post, when, where, what to write? Will this page really be useful to us even though we are advertising on newspapers, radio and other means?

We have consulted Code Guru Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai and told them about our fear, there answer was:
“As you can see, social media platforms are the most visited all over the world. Imagine your ability to reach nearly a million people or potential customers in your country from one place! A huge number that is difficult to achieve through any other means of advertising and communication.”

Code Guru created our pages and presence on all social media networks and increased the number of followers and likers in just 1 month at a very low cost.

They created ads on Facebook at a very low cost, we got a new follower on our page at a cost that reached less than $0.05.

They ran a small campaign on Facebook with very simple prizes, and it returned to us with a large number of new followers on our page.

Example: We created a campaign based on sharing a specific image, then randomly drawing $100 to everyone who shared the image. If your Page has 5,000 subscribers and 1,500 shared the photo, with an average of 50 friends per person, then $100 will post your photo to:

5,000 (subscribers on your page) + 1,500 x 50 (friends of subscribers to the page) = 80,000 people!

When we advertise in one of the traditional ways, such as newspaper, television, radio, or billboards, we sent a message to people, but we couldn’t tell what they think of our ad or campaign, nor their comments, whether they like it or hate it.

As for Facebook and social media pages, we easily and quickly knew the opinion of followers, customers and friends, respond to them and interact with them, and open the door for discussion to convince them of our opinion, our product, our campaign, our service, and modify what we give them based on their opinions to increase our profit, which improves what we give them, and this gave us the opportunity to consolidate relations with them and make them love us more.

All these great results were possible with the help of Code Guru  who managed all our social media pages and ads in a very professional way without letting us lose money, but instead, we made a very high profit.