E-Commerce Marketing Tips to Drive Business and Profits


E-commerce Marketing

The ubiquity of online retail has led to one question spawning every digital marketing team – What is E-commerce marketing?

The validity of the question is beyond doubt. Online retail at its heart seeks to bring the real-world experience of shopping online. However, the meteoric rise of E-commerce behemoths such as Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart has shown that online retail could even supersede real-world retail in a certain period of time, provided it continues to improve its user experience factor. 

In a country like India where people were apprehensive about online shopping until a few years ago, the constant marketing and products push by e-commerce players has paid off, making India one of the world’s biggest online retail market. 

In this article, we will discuss a few tips on how digital marketers can improve revenues and sales through simple E-commerce marketing tips.

Use Instagram 

Yes, but it isn’t that simple.

For a small online retailer, social media platforms should be a top priority. People of all generations are now using some social media platform or the other. Reaching people is an arduous task for any online retailer which can be simplified with the help of social media.

For instance, many apparels and attire retailers use Instagram to promote their products due to the presence of a large audience on the platform. Its image-based interface is ideal for brands to promote their products and generate excitement. 

While Instagram is great for some products, other companies are better served in promoting their products on other social media platforms. Digital marketers have to know which platforms suit the E-commerce marketing needs of the brand.


Remarketing refers to reaching out to previous customers and leads who have either stopped or opted out of purchasing a product.

The upsides of remarketing are many. For one, remarketing has a high conversion rate because the interest of the target audience is already established based on previous engagement with the brands. Secondly, remarketing saves the brand money which would otherwise be used to find new customers from another source. 

As an example, people often get messages from major online retailers about the items in their cart they didn’t buy. This is a clear example of remarketing where the E-commerce company is trying to reach out to customers who opted out of buying something for one reason or the other. The ideal medium to conduct remarketing is email, though many companies do use other traditional methods such as calling and messaging. 

Upsell Products

Whenever users come to an online retail store, they come with the mind-set to buy a particular product. The product could be something as simple as a pair of slippers or an expensive buy like a laptop or camera. 

The motive of digital marketers should be to make visitors buy more expensive products with better features. For instance, if someone arrives on an E-commerce website to buy a standard mobile phone, the aim of digital marketers should be to make the visitor buy a mobile phone better than the one they originally came to buy.

This can be done by highlighting the additional features of the superior products, and the reason why it is slightly expensive. If someone is interested in buying an INR 5000/- mobile phone but is shown the better features of an INR 6000/- phone, he/she might reconsider their pre-defined budget. Highlighting the additional features is essential, and the only way digital marketers can make customers pay more than they originally wanted to.

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