Ultimate Guide: Indian Visa for Malaysian & Norwegian Citizens

Indian visa for Malaysian citizens can be obtained by applying online or through a visa application center. Norwegian citizens can also apply for an Indian visa online or at an embassy or consulate.

Malaysia and Norway are both eligible for e-visas and can also opt for traditional visa methods. For those who want to explore the vibrant culture, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes of India, securing a visa is the first step. Malaysian citizens and Norwegian citizens can obtain an Indian visa by applying online or through traditional methods.

Whether it’s experiencing the bustling streets of Mumbai or the serene beauty of the Taj Mahal, an Indian visa allows travelers from Malaysia and Norway to embark on an adventure of a lifetime. We will explore the various visa options available to Malaysian and Norwegian citizens, making the process of obtaining an Indian visa a breeze.

Visa Requirements For Malaysian Citizens

When planning a visit to India, Malaysian citizens need to be aware of the visa requirements. There are different visa types available depending on the purpose of the visit. The fees for each visa type may vary and should be checked before applying. INDIAN VISA FOR MALAYSIAN CITIZENS

Visa TypeFees (USD)
Tourist Visa25
Business Visa80
Medical Visa100

For visa application, Malaysian citizens need to submit certain documents including their passport, a recent passport-sized photograph, and a filled-out application form. Additional documents may be required based on the visa type and duration of stay.

The processing time for the visa application varies and it is advisable to apply well in advance. The visa is generally valid for a specific period depending on the visa type and the purpose of the visit.

It is important to review the specific requirements and guidelines provided by the Indian authorities to ensure a smooth visa application process for Malaysian citizens.

Eligibility Criteria For Malaysian Citizens

Applicants for an Indian visa must meet certain age, health, and character requirements. The minimum age for applying is 18 years old, and there is no maximum age limit. As for health, applicants should not have any contagious or communicable diseases that may pose a threat to public health in India. Additionally, they must not have any criminal records or be involved in any criminal activities.

Malaysian citizens seeking an Indian visa must also meet specific financial and employment criteria. They should have a steady source of income to demonstrate their ability to finance their stay in India. This can be proven through bank statements, pay slips, or income tax returns. Moreover, applicants should provide documentation proving their occupation, such as employment letters or business registration certificates.

Visa Requirements For Norwegian Citizens

There are different types of Indian visas available for Norwegian citizens, depending on the purpose of their visit. These include tourist visas, business visas, student visas, and employment visas. The visa fees vary depending on the type and duration of the visa. It is important to check the latest fees and requirements on the official website of the Indian embassy or consulate before applying.

To apply for an Indian visa, Norwegian citizens need to submit certain documents, including a valid passport with at least six months of validity, a completed visa application form, recent passport-sized photographs, proof of travel arrangements, such as flight tickets, and proof of sufficient financial means to cover the expenses during the stay in India.

The processing time for Indian visas for Norwegian citizens can vary depending on the type of visa and other factors. It is advisable to apply well in advance to allow for any unforeseen delays. The validity of the visa also varies depending on the type and duration of the visa. It is essential to check the visa validity carefully before planning the trip to India.

Eligibility Criteria For Norwegian Citizens

When applying for an Indian visa, Norwegian citizens must meet certain eligibility criteria. These criteria include age, health, and character requirements as well as financial and employment criteria.

Age, Health, And Character Requirements

Applicants must be of legal age to apply for an Indian visa. Additionally, they must be in good health and possess a character that is not deemed detrimental to the interests and security of India. INDIAN VISA FOR NORWEGIAN CITIZENS

Financial And Employment Criteria

In order to have their visa application approved, Norwegian citizens must provide proof of sufficient funds to support their stay in India. This typically includes bank statements, pay stubs, or income tax returns. Furthermore, they may need to provide documentation related to their employment status, such as an employment contract or letter from their employer.

By meeting these eligibility criteria, Norwegian citizens can ensure a smooth application process for their Indian visa.

How To Apply For An Indian Visa

Applying for an Indian visa as a Malaysian or Norwegian citizen is a straightforward process that can be done either online or offline.

For an online visa application, you need to visit the official Indian visa website and complete the application form, providing all the necessary documents and information. It is important to double-check the accuracy of the details entered to avoid any delays or rejections. Once the application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with a reference number. The visa processing time may vary, so it’s advisable to apply well in advance of your intended travel dates.

If you prefer an offline application, you can visit the nearest Indian embassy or consulate to obtain the necessary forms and guidelines. You will need to fill out the form manually and submit it along with the required documents. It is essential to check the embassy’s website for specific requirements and appointment scheduling procedures.

During the application process, it is important to avoid common mistakes that can lead to rejection, such as incomplete forms, incorrect documentation, or providing false information. Taking the time to thoroughly read and understand the instructions can help ensure a smooth visa application experience.

Document Checklist For Visa Application

Passport and photograph requirements:
For Indian visa applications, Malaysian citizens need to submit their original passport with at least six months of validity remaining. Additionally, two recent passport-size photographs with a white background are required.

Additional documents for different visa types:
Depending on the type of visa you are applying for, there may be additional documents required. For example, for a tourist visa, you would need to provide proof of accommodation and a detailed travel itinerary. If you are applying for a business visa, supporting documents like a letter from your employer and an invitation from an Indian company or organization may be necessary.

Note: It is always recommended to check the official website of the Indian embassy or consulate in your country for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding document requirements for Indian visa applications.

Visa Processing And Approval

Visa processing and approval for Indian visas is an important step for Malaysian and Norwegian citizens planning to visit India. The visa processing time may vary depending on various factors such as the type of visa, the volume of applications, and the accuracy of the information provided.

Applicants can easily track the status of their visa application by using the online portal provided by the Indian embassy. Regular updates regarding the application progress are added to the portal, ensuring transparency throughout the process.

Visa rejections can occur due to several reasons such as incomplete documentation, incorrect information, or insufficient funds. To avoid such situations, it is crucial to carefully check all the required documents and provide accurate information.

Once the visa is approved, applicants can collect their passports and visas from the designated centers or through the visa delivery service if available in their respective countries. It is advisable to check the specific collection process outlined by the Indian embassy or consulate before visiting.

Traveling To India With A Visa

Traveling to India with a visa is a straightforward process, but it’s essential to understand the entry and exit requirements. Malaysian citizens planning to visit India can apply for an eVisa, which can be conveniently obtained online. This visa allows for a maximum stay of 90 days and is valid for tourism, business, or medical purposes. Norwegian citizens, on the other hand, need to apply for a regular visa through the Indian Embassy or Consulate in Norway. It is advisable to apply well in advance to allow sufficient time for processing.

When visiting India, there are a few travel tips to keep in mind for a hassle-free experience. First, ensure that your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your planned departure date. It’s also recommended to have a printed copy of your visa approval letter or eVisa, as well as any other relevant documents. Familiarize yourself with local customs, dress modestly, and be respectful of Indian traditions.

If you wish to extend or renew your Indian visa, it is possible to do so while you are in India. However, it’s important to start the renewal process well in advance to avoid any complications. Visit the Foreigner Regional Registration Office (FRRO) or the Bureau of Immigration for guidance on the necessary steps to be taken.


As you can see, the process of obtaining an Indian visa for Malaysian and Norwegian citizens is relatively straightforward. By following the necessary guidelines, including having the required documents and filling out the application accurately, you can obtain your visa with ease.

Whether you are planning a vacation or a business trip to India, this information will help you navigate the visa application process smoothly. So, start preparing for your Indian adventure and make lasting memories in this vibrant and diverse country.