Troubleshooting Arlo Camera Setup Failures: Expert Solutions

Not being able to complete the Arlo camera setup issues has frustrated many users who own these cameras. However, in case you too are standing in the queue, then you should thank your lucky stars. We are saying is because your search engine has redirected you to the right article. As you will read further, you will discover various solutions through which you can easily set up the Arlo camera using the default Arlo login credentials.

How to Resolve Arlo Camera Setup Problems?

1st Situation [Manual Method]

Ø  Check the Web Address

The primary troubleshooting tip through which the Arlo camera setup issues can be resolved is by checking whether the web address you have used to access the Arlo sign in page is correct or not. In case it is not, then you should not waste any more time in entering the correct one. Make sure that this time you are inserting the one which does not have any typing errors.

Ø  Enter the Right Details

Another reason why you are unable to set up the Arlo camera is because you entered the wrong admin login credentials. In case you do not believe us, then it is recommended that you check for yourself. In case what we are saying is indeed true, then do not think twice before entering the right admin login details. For the default details, refer to the user manual.

Ø  Update the Web Browser

Considering you are using the manual method to set up the Arlo camera, ensure that the web browser you are using is running on an updated version. Along with this, it should be clean from junk files. Some examples include cache, cookies, and browsing history. Now, check whether you set up your Arlo camera in a hassle-free manner or not. We are expecting that you do.

2nd Situation [Arlo Application]

Ø  Do Not Stop the Process

In case you are out of those users who have used the Arlo application to set up the camera, then perhaps you failed because you interrupt the process when the application was getting installed by performing background activities on your mobile device. Reverse the situation and then see whether luck has kissed your feet or not. In case it has not, continue reading this article or guide.

Ø  Check the WiFi Connection

In order for the Arlo application to work, your mobile device is supposed to have access to a fast and seamless internet connection. However, if that is not the case for you, then it is recommended that you check the internet connection. Make sure that it is fast. In case there is no WiFi, then enable the LTE or the mobile data option for the internet connection.

Ø  Download an Antivirus App

The last thing which you can do is check whether your mobile device is infected with viruses. In case it is, then you have found yet another reason why cannot set up your Arlo camera. To eliminate it, take our advice and download the antivirus application. This will ensure that viruses leave your mobile device for good. It will also prevent your device from getting infected with more.


As you saw, troubleshooting the Arlo camera setup problems was not hard. But, despite going through the solutions given above, if you still have got your knickers in a twist due to the same issues, then it is recommended that you reset and re-sync your networking device. Now, you might help to reset your camera, right? Well, for that, you can read the troubleshooting tips mentioned in the product manual of the Arlo camera model which you own.