Top 8 Apps That Will Make Your Life Easy

The most valued currency of this fast-moving world is TIME. From money-saving to time-saving, our digital world has every option to make our lives easier. 

Technology works more smartly and helps us in making our lives as productive as possible. Every innovation is rooted in helping us and making this world a better place to live.

Thanks to this digitally connected world, ordering food and grocery, paying bills, renting services, and retrieving information are just a click away.

The last two decades saw the thriving pace of social networking and mobile apps. Now there are a few life-changing apps that will ease your life.

Below we have listed 7 gifts of this hi-tech world that will provide you with a seamless life by just installing the apps;

1.     Parking Panda:

Nothing can frustrate you more than having difficulty parking your car. You have spent an hour getting ready to meet your significant other, but now you get to know there is no parking space here.

Parking Panda is here to give you a hassle-free life by reserving a parking slot for you in advance. Open the app and you will find a plethora of options in the vicinity of the place you are going to.

With just a few dollars, you will take away the frustration of finding the parking slot. Most importantly, your time will be saved for more productive activities.

2.     Muslim Pro:

Your overwhelming tasks make you oblivious of your religious practices. It is obligatory for Muslim to offer prayers five times in a day at their designated timings.

But due to this fast pacing world, prayer timings can be missed. Also, Muslims in the non-Muslim world often face challenges in finding a halal restaurant, halal market, and accurate Ramadhan timings.

Muslim Pro app helps you to get all the information about Islam so that you can practice your religion without any problem. Accurate prayer timings, audio Quran verses, qibla directions, and halal marketplace; this app has every option for Muslims to stay on the right path. Also, you can use Islamic Taweezat and Amliyat App. These kind of apps will help you make taweez for love, money, and any kind of soul treatment so that you can get an ultimate peaceful life.

3.     Google Lens:

Object recognition is now available on the android phone. Any object that appears in google Lens can easily be detected by this artificial intelligence.

Got anything interested, let’s search for it. If a cute puppy passes by, you can search for its breed in google lens. You have seen a stunning dress; this technology will tell the location where you can purchase it. In addition, Google is introducing new tricks is i m feeling curious.

You can better know about your surroundings and can open a wide array of opportunities. Although this doesn’t work as precisely as we want as a whole this app will make your life easier.

4.     Twilight:

Those who can’t resist using their phones before going to sleep end up with a blurred vision. Reports show that the sharp blue light of mobile phones significantly disrupts sleep.

The production of melanin, a hormone that regulates sleep, is halted by the blue spectrum of your mobile phone screen. If you can’t stop using your phone, the only solution is to adjust the backlight of the screen, and here twilight plays its part.

The connection between circadian rhythms and the light is explained in this app and with the aid of four sliders, you can move from theory to practice.

It will turn the stinging light of your smartphone into a soothing mode in the evening. You have to set the desired time interval to get this feature.

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5.     Headspace:

Technological advancement not only eases your chores but also protects your health so that you can better perform your tasks.

Headspace doesn’t save your money or time; it saves your health and provides mental peace so that you can better focus on your work.

This meditation app offers a few free courses and just 5 minutes of meditation can reflect a major impact on your life. So try this app for consecutive three days. I am sure this app is worth your consideration. Both free and paid version is available. 

With the free version, you can get the meditation for 20 minutes for 10 consecutive days. A subscription will allow you to have a more valuable session. Take some time out from your bustling routine for your brain break and get your health, happiness, and focus back. 

6.     TripIt:

Traveling is both fun and necessity, but there are a lot of arrangements you have to make for having a smooth journey. 

Renting a car, booking a hotel, emails, flight tickets, and many such hectic arrangements are waiting for you.

TripIt will solve all your transportation issues whether you are traveling for business need or just getting around. This app will allow you to arrange all the ticket and travel details in one place. 

With the help of this app, you can share your flight details with your friends and family, know about the most convenient flight, and get the perfect seat on the plane.

7.     VCSO:

This social media world demands your full attention and perfection. Your Instagram photos must be a masterpiece due to dim lighting or bad frames.

This app allows you to edit your pictures with the help of high-quality photography features. Both android and iOS allow this app. Use this app to improve your social media image.

So before posting your next Instagram photo, make sure you have VCSO installed on your phone. 

8.     Citymapper

There are plenty of map services on the internet but this application will provide the route taking public transport into consideration.

Metro, bus, taxi, train, bike; this app will compare all the options you will find in a certain area. This app also discusses the schedule, traffic jams, and other updates.

 This app saves your time and makes your daily navigation easier and hassle-free.


To complement this robust world, you have to take the aid of technology. Millions of apps are there to make your life easier. You just have to download these apps and get the most out of them. These apps can change your lifestyle and make you stronger, more confident, and happier.

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