Top 5 TV Trends to Look Out for in 2022

tv trends

tv trends

The television industry has become quite saturated. There are a lot of reputable companies like Sony, TCL, Samsung, and LG, all of which are competing to grab more market share. Due to this competition, every company tries to push the boundaries in an effort to bring something new to the table. This is what promotes innovation. The invention of 4K and 8K TVs are prime examples of such competition.

As the first quarter of 2022 is about to come to an end, you can expect many TV trends to surface. You will find some of these trends to be just as exciting as watching your favorite shows on Cox cable and internet TV. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at a few of them:

#1. New Display Technology

Display, as well as sound, are the foundational technology for any television. And so, the companies with big budgets are already investing in R&D to figure out ways to deliver better picture and audio quality. Let’s take the example of LG. The company introduced its OLED Evo tech which is much better than its previous OLED tech. The company also launched its QNED tech which they used to improve their mid-range TVs. Samsung is not behind and released QN90A Neo QLED TV which became quite popular among people.

The company also has some plans to introduce QD-OLED technology. This is a hybrid tech that will have the qualities of OLED and quantum dot both. Apart from this, LG has announced to unveil its Rollable OLED technology soon.

#2. Remote Control Possibilities

Remote controls are seeing interesting developments as of late. For instance, LG equipped its Magic Remotes with NFC-pairing tags which makes it really easy for users to pair their smartphones to the television for screen mirroring. Samsung also surprised its customers by coming up with a solar remote. This means that users will no longer need to swap their batteries. Instead, the remote will now have a rechargeable battery that can top up just from the light in your room.

Roku TV has also introduced a couple of exciting features in its remote control. One of them is the voice control function. Considering how companies have already started to make remote controls better by adding different features, it is safe to say that more manufacturers will be adding their own changes.

#3. Design

TV is a highly commoditized product. Most of the sets share the same features and capabilities. And there aren’t enough ways for manufacturers to stand out from their competitors. So, many companies are now trying to differentiate themselves by embracing high-end design. Also, they are positioning television, not as premium electronics but as a luxury product that matches your lifestyle. Samsung has already made its presence felt by providing unique TVs such as Sero, The Serif, and The Frame. LG is also trying to make an impact and launched two TVs, StanbyMe and Objet. Biteforest

#4. Chattier TVs

Many manufacturers are building a certain type of TV set that is eliminating the need for remote control. For instance, the Sony Bravia XR A80j OLED Google TV has Google Assistant installed. You can command the voice assistant to perform the function you like, and the TV will do that. Amazon has also released its Omni Fire TV with Alexa. You can command these AI assistants to find shows or play a series and it will do just. With these voice assistants, you will receive the same smart home capabilities that you get through a smart display or smart speaker.

#5. HDR Programming

Screen technology is changing quite rapidly. The images on television have the potential to be more lifelike and vivid. Therefore, many manufacturers are touting HDR capabilities. HDR programming will offer viewers a wide range of highlights and colors. If people want to experience HDR programming at its best, they will need the right TV that can support HDR content. Also, the device should produce at least 1000 nits. Different streaming platforms like Netflix have started to support HDR devices.


TV manufacturers are in a battle to outperform one another. And this is what gives way to innovation which often results in something spectacular like Social TV.  Every company is trying to make the viewing experience of their users better with different technologies. These companies won’t stop innovating, which means you can expect many TV trends to surface this year like the ones mentioned above.