Things to Know About 39 Gallon Trash Bags

Trash Bags

Price should always be an important consideration when selecting trash bags, and Amazon provides some fantastic offers on them. Plus, its Subscribe & Save feature lets you save even more!

These large garbage bags can efficiently manage outdoor debris. Constructed of durable material and equipped with tear-resistant thread, these drawstring bags keep debris securely sealed inside while their Odor Shield technology helps reduce foul smells.


These Hefty large black trash bags are specially designed to accommodate outdoor waste of any kind – be it leaves, sticks, or grass clippings. Their 39-gallon capacity makes them spacious enough for all your yard waste needs; and with their puncture-resistant thick 1.1 mil plastic and signature Hefty strength properties. Thanks to a drawstring closure system it’s also simple and straightforward for transporting these large black trash bags to their respective curbside disposal locations. You can also buy clear trash bags which are perfect for your home.

Use Hefty trash bags for any and all garbage and waste at home, on a job site, or in an office setting. From can liners and sorting through garage or lawn clutter to all manner of messy cleanup applications. They’re an essential addition to bulk kitchen garbage cans or worksite trashcans and the ideal choice for outdoor cleanup tasks – such as our extra-large lawn & leaf trash bags that make yard maintenance much simpler!


No matter your task – be it organizing the garage, sorting through old clothing, or clearing away yard waste – having a high-quality trash bag is indispensable. These strong yet flexible containers have been engineered specifically to handle various forms of waste material efficiently.

Odor-resistant bags feature unique characteristics to contain unpleasant odors in their interior and keep them out of your nose. This could include fabric liners that absorb and lock away unpleasant aromas or possibly using Febreze fragrances to refresh the air.

Hefty’s Extra-Strong Lawn & Leaf Trash Bags offer all-in-one protection, making them the ideal solution for outdoor cleanup needs. Sized specifically to accommodate lawn and leaf debris, their Grips-the-Can drawstring secures them shut while their double side seams and reinforced bottom protect against leaks and tears their Odor-Shield technology traps, locks and neutralizes odors with long-lasting Febreze scenting capabilities.


These large trash bags can hold all types of debris – be it on the job site or at home. Perfect for garage cleanup, sorting through old clothing and household items, or disposing of yard waste.

Thick plastic resists jagged debris, while its twist tie, flap, or drawstring closures remain securely sealed against leaks. They even feature star seal technology that adapts to the shape of cans to minimize air gaps for less messy spillage.


Our 39 gallon trash bags offer extra-large sizes that make disposing of medium loads of garbage, yard waste, and more a simple task. They fit a range of standard trash can sizes and are an ideal solution for various residential and commercial cleanup tasks such as kitchen trash collection, basement cleanouts, garage cleaning, outdoor cleanup projects, or sorting through old clothing or items for donation as well as job site cleanup applications. Featuring strong yet lightweight construction with drawstring closure and stacking/storage capabilities for effortless efficiency – get yourself some today! Our bulk pricing offers great savings!

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