The Top Benefits of Flexible Laptops

Flexible laptops are a tablet/laptop combo. Think of them as a two-for-one deal. Some people dismiss flexible, convertible laptops as a gimmick, but they do have a lot of benefits, as we are about to discuss in this article. So, if you are thinking of buying a 2-in-1 laptop like the HP Spectre x360, Microsoft Surface Book 3, or Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5, read on to learn more about how it could revolutionize your life. 

No Need for a Mouse or Keyboard

One of the main benefits of flexible laptops, such as those from the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex Series, is that there is no need for a mouse or keyboard. Flexi laptops are like tablets in that they have touchscreen functionality. Instead of tapping a keyboard or navigating with a mouse, you can use the touch screen instead, either with a finger or by using a stylus. Not only is this cheaper but it is also more convenient since navigation is a breeze and much faster than when using a traditional laptop with a mouse or touchpad.

You can still buy a separate keyboard if you prefer, but it isn’t necessary. That said, some people do like to use a Bluetooth keyword with their 2-in-1 laptop as it makes typing out long documents easier. Once you have finished with the keyboard, tuck it away in your laptop bag until you need it again. 

Great for Studying

Students can benefit from using a flexible laptop in lectures, lessons, and for revision. Touchscreens make productivity tools like OneNote a lot easier to use. Instead of dragging things around with a curser and mouse, you can use your stylus or finger on the responsive touchscreen instead. Most students are accustomed to navigating with a touchscreen thanks to the widespread use of smartphones these days, so switching from a regular laptop to a 2-in-1 laptop will be a breeze. 

They are ideal for college students looking to make life easier, so if your old laptop has seen better days and you are considering upgrading it before the next semester begins, start price-checking flexible laptops. 

You Can Use it for Drawing and Image Editing

Flexible laptops are ideal for creatives. Thanks to the touchscreen, you can draw directly onto the display. This makes flexible laptops a really useful tool for artists, graphic designers, and photographers. Software packages like Photoshop and AutoCAD work well with touchscreens, as you can use a stylus to move objects around or make good use of the layering and editing features. This is a much easier way of working than relying on a mouse and keyboard. 

In addition to being easier to use and fun for creative pursuits like digital art, touchscreens are much better for image editing, as a stylus is a more accurate tool than a mouse for selecting areas, retouching photos, and adjusting color. In addition, flexi laptops usually have more powerful displays compared to regular laptops. 

The main downside of a flexi laptop is that they are often more expensive, but if you want the benefits above, that is a price worth paying.