The renewed need for business coaching services

How do you define business success? For years, this was determined almost exclusively by financial calculations. Today, however, your enterprise’s value is influenced by its culture, its reputation with numerous stakeholders and its ability to adapt to ever-shifting consumers, suppliers and regulatory landscapes.

Just as organizational goals have evolved, so has the mix of mindsets and skills necessary to meet those goals. Among other things, today’s workforce needs to be agile, inclusive, empathetic and courageous. Organizations have long required their senior leaders to demonstrate these qualities but, to keep pace with the speed of change, they now need these behaviors in employees at all levels of the enterprise.

Business coaching is a powerful way to achieve this kind of behavior change. And, thanks to developments in technology, it is now possible for all levels of an organization to access a coach. But, while coaching can help individuals pick up new skills, too often these skills live in a vacuum, disconnected from the goals of the enterprise. Organizations will only see the full power of business coaching services when working towards a shared business goal.

What are business coaching services?

Business coaching services are different from training or the type of coaching that managers provide. Business coaching services involve professional coaches working with individual employees or groups of employees to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses, clarify their goals and purpose and gain insight into how their beliefs and motivations drive their behaviors. Coaches also help people better understand how their organization defines success and what the organization needs from them in their role.

The best business coaching service develop the mindsets and skillsets of people, leaders and teams in a way that aligns to the organization’s needs. When you do this at scale – coaching thousands of people at every level of the organization – business coaching becomes transformational, building careers and accelerating business outcomes.