The iPhone 14 Pro Max Review – The Perfect Blend of Functionality and Style


The Apple iPhone Pro 14 and Pro Max have many features that will entice users. The highlights are the Dynamic Island, camera upgrades with a 48-megapixel main lens, satellite connectivity for emergencies, and car crash detection, to name a few. 

The look of the phone is aesthetic, with deep purple color, rounded edges, and a larger body.  

The Pro Max series of all iPhone versions have been the smartest of all Apple phones. They have the largest display, longest battery life, and advanced cameras, not to mention the large and heavy structure.

Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island is an exclusive feature of iPhone 14 Pro models. The software transforms the cutout into various sizes and shapes for each task, such as incoming calls, notifications, timers, etc.

Dynamic Island is interactive. Whatever is playing at that particular time shows on the main screen in miniature form.

So, if you tap on it, you get its fully opened version. Like playing a song, the waveform is in miniature form and the album thumbnail displays on either side of the cutout. 

Moreover, if you have more than one background activity in progress, like you are on a call and writing a message, the dynamic island splits into two parts to show both on the screen. 

Apple’s dynamic island in iPhone 14 Pro Max is a powerful tool to make the user’s experience a breeze.

Always-On Display

The Always-on Display is a feature where the iPhone always shows the lock screen display. You can see the time, wallpaper, widgets, etc., even if the screen is locked. All this with no additional power usage. 

The Apple iPhone Pro Max 14 has 21% more space on the screen, so it is naturally larger.

48-Megapixel Camera

The 48 Megapixel camera of the iPhone 14 Pro Max gives a superior-quality image. It also is an advantage while taking photographs in low light. Another highlight of the Camera is that you can take long shots and still see them vividly. 

The resolution of images is beneficial and vital in this era of the Internet. Whether on posting on Instagram or your blog, or even on youtube, the picture/video clarity is of significance. The iPhone Pro Max 14 camera has the ‘action mode’ feature, which you can turn on if you need a steady video during a turbulent road ride or trekking. 

A16 Bionic Chip

The A15 Bionic chip in the iPhone 14 pro max affects three main areas; power efficiency, Camera, and display. According to Apple, this is the fastest chip of all and boasts 16 billion transitions.

Deep Purple and Space Black Colors

Along with the old Apple iPhone typical colors, two new colors are added; deep purple and space black. The dark purple is so dark that it may be mistaken for black color. The iPhone Pro Max 14 comes in gold and silver too. 

Choosing the colors depends on your tastes and choices, but these two beautiful colors look great on the iPhone Pro Max 14.  


The iPhone 14 Pro Max 14 has a flat-sided design and squared-off edges and is similar to the previous iPhone 13 Pro models. The chassis has an all-glass front part and a textured matte finish glass back with a frame made of stainless steel. 

This is made of surgical-grade stainless steel. However, the stainless steel is colored the same as the glass back, so you may not realize it is a stainless-steel material. Why stainless steel? Well, it helps the phone chassis to stay longer. It is more resistant to falls and dents and gives a sleek and premium finish.

Emergency Satellite Connectivity

iPhone 14 Pro Max has the newest feature addition called emergency satellite connectivity. The satellite connectivity helps you get in touch with emergency services if you are lost somewhere without cellular or internet connectivity. 

You can use your iPhone 14 to get a satellite connection and send a message to emergency services. According to Apple, this feature is “Emergency SOS via satellite. It will only take a few seconds for the messages to reach the emergency services, provided you are in a place where you have a clear sky.”


The iPhone Pro Max 14 comes with features like the bionic 16 chip, sleek design, colors, 14 MP main camera system with low light sensitivity feature, longer battery life, an always-on display system with Liquid Retina XDR, an improved FaceTime camera, and the emergency SOS system via satellite. 

All of the above makes the iPhone 14 Pro Max a perfect blend of functionality and style.