Small fish in a very big pond.

Small fish

Aren’t you tired of seeing the term ‘SEO’ plastered all over the internet? It’s become somewhat of a buzzword that even one-day old companies seem to be obsessing about. Is it without cause though? While search engine optimisation brings in big money for some big firms, it really has proven to be a lifesaver for smaller firms too.  

The reason behind the ‘SEO’ buzz is that it actually is very impactful when executed properly. This is true for companies that compete on a global, as well as a local scale. With this blog, I want to highlight the importance of SEO for small and micro businesses and impress upon you how effective it can be. 

What is SEO? 

For those among you who are not acquainted with the term, SEO refers to ‘search engine optimisation’. It is a strategy employed to draw traffic to a website via specific tactics. These include content, design, links, and much more. Essentially, the outcome of a well-laid SEO strategy should improve your website’s visibility as well as its ranking on search engines like Google and Bing.

Search engines use ‘bots’ to search the internet and ‘crawl’ websites. These ‘bots’ index a website by discerning its relevance and authenticity via the information (content) it presents. Well crafted, keyword-rich content usually delivers the best kind of user experience resulting in a higher ranking on search engine result pages. Most companies partner with an SEO company in the UK who her them streamline their digital endeavours and employ strategies that deliver real results. 

Optimisation levels the playing field

The business environment in the UK is ever-changing. Adaptability and agility have become two of the most desired attributes for any business. Whether you run a bakery, law firm, or clothing manufacturing business, the capacity and speed to adapt can make the difference between life and death. 

Today, digitisation has forced business online. The digital culture has opened doors to newer markets and greener pastures that were previously inaccessible to small and micro businesses. The digital age has brought with it great opportunities, to the point where the titans and juggernauts can be challenged. 

Local SEO is the best friend of a small or micro business. This form of SEO is aimed at creating local dominance and increasing brand visibility with a specific region. It allows smaller businesses the opportunity to showcase their products or services and easily connect with potential customers. 

Are you a new business?

If you’ve just started up, one of the first things you will need to do is build trust and credibility. Are you aware that being consistent with SEO can help you create much-needed awareness and build trust in a community?  

Optimisation encourages engagement between customers and businesses through content and other activities. The more clients engage with you, the more likely they are to develop a relationship that leads to sales. Furthermore, executing an effective SEO campaign will boost you to the top of search engine results, that will then build further credibility and improve conversions. 

It’s crucial to remember that SEO is not a trick or quick-fix that will skyrocket your website rankings overnight. It is a decisive, long-term strategy that is designed to progressively grow your business. As with many good things, seeing results may take longer than you anticipate, but be assured, the fruits of your labour will be sweet!

Using research-backed and ethical SEO techniques such as creating blogs that provide solutions, performing keyword due diligence, ensuring mobile responsiveness and the mobile optimisation of content, will give search engines what they need to deem your website as trustworthy. As a result, you will witness an increase in traffic, trust, engagement, and conversion. 

Organic is best

As with food, organic traffic is the healthiest kind of traffic a website can have. Sure, pay-per-click campaigns may offer short-term gains, but those gains are short-lived and may not always deliver the anticipated results. Make no mistake, if you’re in it to win it, organic is the way to go in 2022. 

Organic traffic is traffic that is achieved without paying for it. SEO practices that promote organic traffic are often the most cost-effective. Having implemented a sound strategy, your cost per click will then be zero. 

Furthermore, one of the best reasons to strive for organic site traffic is the level of visibility your website will receive. Paid traffic is derived through paid promotions, which makes it an expensive ordeal. If you’re a startup or small business, it’s likely that you may not have a big budget. Organic traffic on the other is traffic that lands on your website out of sheer interest in what it is you do. This means organic visitors want to be on your site for the content, products, or services you provide. Such a visitor is far more likely to subscribe to your service, or purchase your products.

SEO plays a crucial role in the success of your business and it should not be taken lightly. If you’re a small business trying to make it in 2022, you need to partner with a legitimate SEO company in the UK. 

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