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Turkey Visa Eligibility

The country of origin of the traveler determines Turkey visa eligibility. In general, citizens of the United States and other countries may qualify for a visa on arrival if they have a valid passport. Please visit the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for a full list of countries eligible for the visa-on-arrival program. Certain countries may require a full visa application and additional documents, such as proof of financial support and a valid return ticket. Additionally, visitors must have a valid passport to enter Turkey. 

Travelers should know that visas are for specific purposes, such as business, tourism, education, religious, or medical visits, and cannot be extended. The visa must also be valid for the duration of the stay, and travelers must leave the country before the visa expires. Please contact the Turkish Embassy in your country of residence for more information. Turkey offers a variety of visa types for foreign nationals wishing to travel to the country. Eligibility for a particular visa depends on the visit’s purpose and the traveler’s nationality. 

Individuals of certain nationalities may be eligible for a visa on arrival, while others may require a more formal application through the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in their home country. Documents required for a visa application will vary depending on the type of visa but typically include a valid passport, evidence of financial means, and proof of medical insurance. Additionally, travelers should ensure they meet all entry and exit requirements, such as valid proof of onward travel and sufficient funds for their stay.


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