PTE Exam: What You Should Know to Ace the Tests

PTE exam

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Imagining going to school abroad? You need first demonstrate your level of English proficiency. IELTS, PTE exam and TOEFL are three of the most well-known English language exams accessible. These exams are commonly recognized by international universities and allow individuals to travel abroad. For the tech-savvy person, the PTE test will be best. The exam is entirely automated.

The PTE exam will be discussed in detail in this article, including its purpose, format, scoring system, time restriction, and other important details. You can obtain advice from the PTE institute in Patiala if you need additional direction with the PTE exam.

This essay’s sole purpose is to inform you about the test so that you can prepare as effectively as possible.

What is the PTE exam?

PTE is a computer-based English test made to assess non-native English speaker’s proficiency in the language. PTE provides a possibility in both scenarios, whether you desire to study abroad or move there permanently. Choose the PTE Academic if you want to study there, or the PTE General if you want to work there. The reading, speaking, writing, and speaking skills are assessed in this test. Since the test is entirely digital, it is quick, easy, and best taken by someone who is tech aware.

What is the PTE exam format?

Three hours will be given to students to finish all four modules. During the reading and listening portions, students will receive a ten-minute break. 20 distinct questions, including MCQs and essay writing, will be given to you.

The evaluator will test speaking and writing jointly, however, the listening portion will be administered following the reading section. Let’s learn more in the sections that follow:

Part 1: Speaking and writing

  • A brief introduction: You have 25 seconds for question reading and reply to the question in writing. You have the next 30 seconds to enter your response, but the examiner won’t record your grade. The examiner will evaluate the identical report, and your report will be sent to the relevant college or institution.
  • Read while speaking out loud: The candidate has 35 seconds to record their response and read aloud a statement that appears on the screen.
  • Repetition of sentences: You must say the sentence aloud when it is being read to you during this portion of the PTE exam.
  • Image description: A brief window of time will be given for you to examine the image displayed on your computer screen. After the time-lapse, you have 40 seconds to describe that specific image in your own words.
  • Describe a lecture: You have one minute to respond. A computerized interview was conducted by the examiner. You will be required to share your own personal opinion once he or she poses a question or displays an image.
  • Short questions: You will hear recorded questions in this stage, and you must provide succinct responses.
  • Finish the written portion: Read the entire passage and use more than one sentence to summarise it.
  • Essay: The essay must be finished in 20 minutes. You will receive a brief paragraph for your records. Read the entire passage, then sum it up in 200–300 words.

Part 2: Reading

  • You have 32 to 40 minutes to finish the reading part of the PTE exam.
  • Fill in the blanks from the provided paragraph in full first.
  • The next questions will have more than one viable response, and you must select the two best responses from the passage.
  • The sentences must then be rearranged using the information from the provided paragraph.
  • Finally, there will be MCQs with a single correct response that you must choose from the available choices.
  • MCQs with a single answer After reading the passage, select one of the four possible answers to the question.

Part 3: Listening

The test has a 45–57 minute time limit. The spoken material will be summarised, and there will be MCQs, fill-ins, choose the missing words, and highlight the correct word types of questions. Results for the PTE exam will be released five business days following the exam date. Based on each of the three components, your score will be 10 to 90. The candidate’s grammar and fluency will be evaluated. Your results will be presented to you in graphical form, giving you the opportunity to identify your strong and weak spots. The results of your PTE exam are valid for two years.

How do I sign up for the PTE exam?

For the online registration form, go to the PTE’s official website. Enter the pertinent information requested on a form, such as your personal information, test preferences, exam history, etc. Choose the exam day and center location that works best for you. Verify your account information and provide a 160 USD payment. Your payment receipt and confirmation will be sent to your email after submitting this form online. On the PTE’s official website, a PTE account will be made. The payment receipt is also accessible through your online account. Thus, the PTE exam request form must be filled out online. If you need more help, however, the PTE institute in Ludhiana can offer advice.


Consequently, this concludes our discussion of the PTE exam. The finest feature of the test is that it is entirely computer-based, and you will receive your results within 5 business days. So, if you’re in a rush and want results right away, consider taking the PTE.