Prevent Back Injuries While Lifting Heavy Objects

We often neglect how lifting objects around the house can negatively affect our posture and even cause injuries. Even when objects aren’t that heavy, lifting them up incorrectly can cause back pain and injuries.

Large boxes, furniture pieces, and lamps are just some of the object that you will commonly find yourself lifting and carrying around the house. You may even get away with carrying them quite a number of times without getting injured. However, over time you can seriously harm yourself if you don’t know how to properly lift heavy objects to protect your back and spine. So, here’s a guide for how you can protect your back while lifting and carrying heavy objects.

Look Before Lifting

First and foremost, it’s important that you look at what you have to lift before you lift it. How far do you need to move the object? Is it heavier than it looks? Is there any obstacle in your way while carrying the object around the house? Try to observe the object you have to lift, estimate how heavy it might be, and consider for how long you’ll be able to carry it around. Sometimes people even expect the object to be a lot heavier so they use a lot more strength to lift it than they need to and end up stumbling backwards. That’s why looking at the object and your surroundings before you start lifting and carrying the object is so important.

Position Your Body Correctly

The next thing you need to do is position your body correctly to lift the object. It’s recommended that you stand close to the object and make sure your feet are at a shoulder width apart. Then, bend your knees towards the object you want to lift. Lower your body all the way into a squatted position and ensure that your weight is shifted to your heels.

Lift with Your Legs

When you start to lift the object, make sure you have a firm grip on the object and then start slowly getting up by using your leg muscles. This way, you’ll be able to propel your body upwards. You also have to make sure you’re maintaining a straight posture and keeping your head up. Try not to twist your back as you’re standing up and keep your body facing the object.

Walk and Squat

If you have to walk with the object around make sure you’re carrying it close to your waist. Turn the object around so that the heaviest part is facing your body. If you hold the heavier side away from your body, you can strain your back because you have to compensate for the unsupported weight. You can also end up falling.

Lastly, when putting the object down use the same squatting position you were in when you picked up the item. Make sure you’re lowering it on the ground slowly. Try not to bend down with your back to avoid back injury.

Hire professionals

If you’re moving into a new home and have a lot of heavy object to lift and transport, the best option would be to hire professionals who can handle this for you. There are many companies in Australia that offer amazing services for all types of moving purposes. You can find professional removalists in Sydney who will carry and transport all of your furniture into your new home for you. That way, you can lay back and not have to worry about accidentally injuring yourself. 

Consider physical therapy

Lastly, if you notice any back pain or back issues, consider going to a doctor and trying out physical therapy. It can help relieve the back pain you’re experiencing. If you try to lift heavy objects around the house when you already have back issues, you’re only risking getting injured even more.


Overall, if you know how to properly lift and carry heavy objects you can protect your back from any back injuries that will make your daily life difficult. Make sure you also see a doctor regarding any back pain and issues you’re experiencing and allow professionals to help you with bigger objects such as furniture when it comes to moving. Follow these steps and you’ll be able to protect your back while carrying heavy stuff around the house.