PCD Pharma Franchise Mastery: Casca Remedies Dynamic PCD Pharma Product Lineup 

In the ever changing environment, humanity and related diseases have evolved as well. The diseases like covid-19 and its variants, HIV Aids etc  are newly evolved and other diseases like plague, Hepatitis still exist but humans have developed immunity in form of vaccinations against them. It is very important for any pharma company to keep developing new vaccines, medicines and combinations to keep up with the evolving medical human needs. There are big players like sun pharma, cipla, Casca Remedies pvt ltd etc that are facing this game of developing new medicines and helping the human race in protection against various diseases. 

As these companies can’t reach the deepest corners of the country by themselves, they provide an entity with marketing and selling rights of the company’s products in the form of a pharma franchise known as PCD pharma franchise. This helps both the company and the PCD franchise in business’s growth, development and increasing the revenue.

What is the significance of a PCD pharma franchise?

 PCD pharma franchise is a great way of entering into the pharma industry without heavily investing into the infrastructure, plant and machinery, labor, etc. It is a well known fact that setting up a new pharma’s manufacturing plant is very costly, to save this cost, entities prefer buying a pharma franchise of a well known  name of the pharma industry and earning profits.

  1. Cost savings- A pharma franchise starts with a cost as low as 15 thousand rupees in india. This gives a chance of starting a new business to all the entities who have no to very little experience of doing business. Once the person gains confidence, they can invest more in the PCD franchise business and expand it manyfolds.
  2. Monopoly rights-  companies like Casca Remedies Pvt Ltd, provide exclusive monopoly rights to buy and sell their products by a pharma franchise partner in a designated area.
  3. Approvals and certifications– As a pharma manufacturer in India, One has to comply with very strict rules and regulations established by the government of India. This gives the Pharma franchise partners a direct benefit of being able to sell approved and certifies products in the market.
  4. Market reputation- being associated with a brand which enjoys a good market reputation among the customers. The PCD pharma Franchise clients directly enjoy the bandwagon popularity of them. They sell a product which is well recognised by the customer giving them very little effort space for product promotion.
  5. Training and learnings- As big brands are completely focused on the quality training and development of the staff, they do the same for  their pharma franchise clients.

Role of PCD Pharma franchise in building a successful business.

By now we have understood the significance of a franchise business in pharma, now we need to understand the role of this in building a successful business in pharma industry

  1. Experience- A PCD franchise helps an entity to gain experience in the pharma industry as a beginner and then excel in doing business. People generally start with PCD, eventually upgrade to trading and 10 years down the line they are ready to set up a plant of their own as they would have gathered enough resources by then. Hence, we can say that the PCD franchise is the foundation stone of a great career in pharma.
  2. Trusted Products- With good reputation, comes a trust that is built over the years by the customers in a product of the company. With time, customers start calling the product only by the company’s name, like xerox for photocopy etc. This helps the pharma PCD franchise owner to reduce the marketing cost and just capture a greater market cap by word of mouth. 
  3. Wide portfolio-  As India is a diverse nation in all geographical, demographic and cultural aspects, so are the demands of the products by the customers in different areas. Example,  Fairness cream is in more demand in south India than in north India, if a company has a wide product portfolio, it can cater to all the demands of different customers. This directly helps the Pharma Franchise partners to grow their businesses.
  4. Research and Innovation- It is a very common practice for the pharma companies to invest heavily in research and innovation of new drugs or vaccines. If they are able to develop any one of these, they can patent the rights and enjoy royalty as a monetary benefit and publicity as another benefit.  This directly has a positive impact on the PCD franchise owners as they are the first ones to have a hand on the new product and sell it into the market and earn profits.


PCD pharma franchise holds a lot of potential for ease of doing business. This makes it even easier if one is associated with a big brand name which enjoys a good market reputation like Casca remedies Pvt Ltd. They have been in business for the past 35 years and have proven their worth time and again. They have a great product portfolio which is upgraded time to time as per the market demands.