Online Tutoring: 7 Practices Of Best Online Tutors


The globe is embracing online tutoring as a component of the new “regular education” in response to the pandemic threat. While conventional face-to-face sessions have many advantages, online tutoring also offers a lot of benefits and is very well-liked by students. It implies having greater flexibility to mix your career and personal life as an instructor. Additionally, you can use the substantial commuting time you save to devote more time to teaching or other productive activities.

If you are a tutor who is already at ease with online tutoring, this article will show you how to advance your abilities and increase productivity. Don’t worry if you are brand-new to the world of online education.

We’ll allay a lot of your worries and assist you in creating an environment that will allow you to teach effectively.

Here are seven recommended practices that we painstakingly compiled for you to follow for the ideal online tutoring sessions.

1. Tailor your tutoring environment

The average American is believed to spend 12 days a year—or 55 minutes each day—looking for things they are certain they own but cannot locate. Don’t become another one of them! While participating in an online session, you cannot afford to waste time looking for instructional resources. Prepare your working desk in advance by organizing your instructional materials and other equipment.

To make the process of receiving online tutoring easier for you, you may also spend money on a few devices and pieces of technology:

  • Writing instruments attached to your laptop or desktop to simulate writing on a chalkboard for students
  • Internet access through a wired connection is required! It is often significantly quicker than WiFi and is less likely to become sluggish suddenly.
  • Timers are also a huge help! You have an option between using offline timers or internet timers.
  • When taking an online course, keep distractions like typical household clutter out of the way and your background clean.
  • Purchase some high-quality headphones and a collar microphone (this is optional, though!).

2. Get comfortable with online tutoring devices ASAP

Setting up items necessary for your bodily comfort also requires a time investment. It can be physically taxing to spend lengthy periods in front of a computer when instructing online.

You must take note of the following in order to prevent burning out soon:

  • A comfortable chair is essential. When using a computer for extended periods of time, the importance of sitting posture cannot be overstated.
  • Use the free program f.lux to change the brightness of your screen to match the illumination indoors. Your eyes will feel far less strain as a result!
  • Use blue light filters on PCs and laptops as well to prevent eye strain. Many free filters are accessible online.
  • If feasible, wear safety glasses to prevent eye fatigue so you can operate for more extended periods of time.
  • Set the temperature of the space to what works best for you; being too hot or cold may hinder your productivity.
  • Take long enough gaps between classes to provide your mind with the essential rest.
  • Make sure you look good enough yet wear comfy clothing!

3. Use positive self-talk For The Win

Our reality may be altered by our self-talk! The effectiveness of self-talk has been confirmed by millions of people throughout the world, not only Rhonda Bryne. All of your concerns regarding online tutoring may be allayed by you!

If you ever have any worries about whether children will actually love math on a laptop, give yourself a little pep talk. Instead, remind yourself that doing it from home is just as simple as recreating an offline class.

4. Use digital resources for content and evaluation instead

In the near term, scanning notes and capturing images could seem practical, but you need to start using digital resources right now. buy books in pdf format whenever you can. Utilizing Google Sheets, PDFs, etc., share your lecture notes or evaluation sheets with students online. For the convenience of your students, you can also save your video lectures in mp4 format and distribute them to them.

Avoid printing corrections for assessment papers and switch to a more online-based working style instead.

5. Avoid communication gaps 

Informal talks between instructor and student are one area where internet tutoring has a disadvantage. Serious problems like expectations that are not met might result from this communication gap.

To prevent the lack of communication from hindering successful teaching, take the following actions:

  • If you can, stay in regular contact with your pupils through message groups (within reasonable time constraints, of course!)
  • Encourage students to phone instead of sending emails to ask questions and provide comments.
  • Be willing to engage in more in-depth discussions with students, just as you would if you were one-on-one.
  • Talk to your pupils about mental health and occasionally bring up random information to maintain a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Spend some time with the parents going over official progress reports.

6. Keep your online tutoring session interesting by including activities

If you limit online tutoring to only lectures and note-taking, it may get monotonous. Include both solo and group activities to make your online sessions just as enjoyable as your offline ones. Some of these activities can have little to do with the topic at hand. Everything is fine in this day and age! As we fight a pandemic, maintaining a positive attitude is crucial.

To add some fun to your classes, you may do the following:

  • Use unexpected tests to keep pupils interested in the material.
  • Giving away virtual badges such as “top performer,” “star thinker,” “beyond the box thinker,” etc. may help sustain the enthusiasm for a long period (if you engage with multiple students in the same lesson)
  • One typical practice is to have a day off on Fridays for imaginative conversations, idea sharing, and playing online games.
7. Ensure discipline no matter what!

Last but not least, online tutoring could make it challenging to monitor pupils’ general discipline. Maintaining firm deadlines and lesson plans is a simple approach to instilling discipline. Point out any missed deadlines to your parents so they can offer to help. Certain communications, such as those about submission dates, should be clear and thoroughly recorded in emails.

Say no to nervousness by adhering to these straightforward guidelines for a calm online tutoring experience. Please contact us if you require any more assistance. Thousands of students and tutors may presently connect with one another through SolutionInn for a variety of online tutoring requirements. You might consider working with kids who may be seeking tutors similar to you!