Linda Yaccarino Meets Elon Musk

Linda Yaccarino is an seasoned television advertising executive who excels at making persuasive pitches to advertisers. Now she must convince them of Elon Musk as someone they should invest in financially and emotionally.

Not helping her case is her misstep at this week’s Code Conference hosted by Vox Media in Dana Point, California. Kara Swisher led this event.


linda yaccarino wiki has established herself as one of the most successful media executives. Her efforts have been acknowledged by Adweek and The New York Times; furthermore she serves on World Economic Forum and President Donald Trump’s Council for Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition as part of her career accomplishments.

Since joining NBCUniversal in 2011, Yaccarino has transformed their advertising business for the 21st century. She combined individual network teams into a comprehensive monetization plan; became strategic and operational liaison across networks, properties, and business units of NBCUniversal; led a 1,500-person team connecting brands with millions of viewers while driving economic impact; she now leads all monetization strategies within NBCUniversal itself and across properties owned by other media companies; served on all boards within her division; created a unique monetization strategy; created a single monetization strategy across all media assets within NBCUniversal; created and led an annual plan monetization strategy;

Her achievements have earned her recognition from various organizations and awards, such as Forbes’ 100 Most Powerful Women list. Additionally, she has made significant contributions to her community while being passionate about shaping the future of work.


Linda Yaccarino of New York has taken one of the toughest jobs in media industry – taking over Twitter’s business operations within six weeks of starting their journey as Elon Musk will remain responsible for product design and technology matters at Twitter.

Yaccarino will have the task of persuading advertisers to return to Twitter following its acquisition by Elon Musk. Some brands had shied away in fear that their advertisements might appear alongside hate speech or illegal material.

Yaccarino is not only working to repair relations with advertisers but also improve employee morale by hosting happy hours and encouraging more internal communication. She was instrumental in creating the Ad Council’s coronavirus vaccination campaign and sits on World Economic Forum Taskforce on Future of Work’s Taskforce on the Future of Work Taskforce; a graduate of Pennsylvania State University she now resides with her husband in Sea Cliff.

Ad Council

One cannot live in America for four generations without encountering the Ad Council logo – this iconic square emblem appears at the end or bottom of so many campaigns that it becomes easy to take it for granted.

The Ad Council is a nonprofit organization that brings the advertising and media industries together for society’s benefit. Their mission is to develop public awareness campaigns on behalf of their sponsors – such as nongovernmental organizations or federal agencies – covering issues ranging from HIV/AIDS/COVID-19 prevention, child abuse prevention and diversity/inclusion.

Yaccarino’s leadership style and moral compass have earned her numerous honors, such as New York Women in Communications’ Matrix Award, UJA Foundation’s Mac Dane Humanitarian Award and Penn State University’s Distinguished Alumni Award. Additionally, she is widely renowned for championing brand safety and data transparency across organizations; most recently leading cross-company data strategy efforts.

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is an international, not-for-profit foundation. It engages business, political and academic leaders to shape global, regional and industry agendas; research networks; task forces and initiatives address global concerns; while McKinsey collaborates with WEF on projects related to pursuing net zero pathways; nurturing resilience; and reimagining globalization.

Every year at Davos Meeting, WEF members come together to address key global issues of their time. This event continues despite low trust in banks and governments and rising anti-globalization sentiment; President Trump was particularly critical of WEF at Davos this year; Elon Musk among them made several criticisms against WEF as being boring af and an unelected world government; nevertheless he said he would still attend future WEF gatherings and possibly sit on panels.