Knowing Tile Stores Florida and its Types

Choosing to decorate your home or your workplace with different kinds of tiles determine your taste for designs. If you have ever gone to tile stores in Florida, you will be amazed at how many kinds of tiles there are. You will also notice that not every tile is meant for the same purposes. While your bedroom needs different tiles, it cannot match the tiles usually used in washrooms. Today in this blog, you will be amazed to learn about the types of tiles in the market and their purposes.

Types of Tiles To Choose

  1. Ceramic Tiles – this is the most common one, and many of us are aware of it. It is suitable for homes, kitchens, and washrooms for its increased durability. It is easy to install and clean. There are many designs available in the market to choose from, and you can get your renovation done at a cheap rate. Just be sure to check that they are uniform in shape and size and the ends are uniform. Another tip to remember is to check whether you need glazed or unglazed. While the first one gives you more extended protection, the unglazed one provides a rustic finish with an artistic look. 
  • Porcelain Tiles – porcelain is the other most commonly used tile type. This looks like a natural substance like stones, wood, brick, sand, etc.; it’s low maintenance and adds to the value of buying it. Moreover, the most exciting matter is these tiles can be used outdoors as they don’t react to climatic changes. Porcelain tiles come in different colors, designs, and styles so that they can be used in a versatile way. 
  • Glass Tiles – this type is generally used for decorating purposes. It is stain-proof and can be wiped off easily without the permanent factor. Since it is brittle, it’s advisable to use it in small portions for decorating. Tile stores in Florida have many options to try.
  • Cement tile is a very old model that the designers have used for ages. These are highly customizable, with unique patterns and colors to be used. The only thing is that they should be resealed once every month to maintain their beauty.
  • Marble Tiles – as the name suggests, marble tiles remind us of the beautiful Italian marble that is worth praising. If adding beauty and upgrading the standard of your space is your main concern, go for this type without getting bothered by anything else. This also has many textures to impress your guests. 
  • Mosaic Tiles – this is a much customized oriented tile. You can add or design your idea that you think should be in your space. It can be multi-color or monochrome, as you wish. 
  • Granite Tiles – this is a natural stone that gives the same look as that marble. Granite tiles have been used over the years as an alternative to cut down on your budget.
  • Limestone Tiles – it gives a natural look with their neutral hues and looks like something extracted from nature. Opt for this if you want to give your house an ancient architectural look. It is soft and durable, which makes you cut the tile the way you want. Being porous and it needs to get sealed. 
  • Quarry tiles are made with grounded materials mixed with different raw materials and then baked, more or less similar to bricks. These are usually seen on the roads nowadays.
  1. Metal Tiles – these are newly launched in the market and are basically used in oily places to avoid stains and easy cleaning dirt. They are of the same value as ceramic ones. 

 Finishing Up  This blog enriches you with the types of tiles that are available all over the world, including tile stores in Florida. You can get your work easily done using one or many of the different types explained here.