Is PRP For Hair Temporary Or Permanent?

PRP hair treatment in Dubai

Although hair loss can impact your appearance and self-confidence, there are various methods to manage and cure this issue. PRP for hair in Dubai is one of the most successful treatments available if you are finally ready to think about your hair restoration choices (PRP). Using a cutting-edge procedure that uses platelets taken from your own blood, PRP treatments are a secure approach to reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth. This hair restoration procedure is efficient, risk-free, and all-natural. Below, you may read more about how PRP functions and the outcomes it can provide.

What Is PRP?

PRP Treatment is the practice of infusing plasma into our circulation to assist in reactivating the body’s regeneration mechanism. This procedure entails drawing a small amount of the patient’s blood, centrifuging it, and then separating the plasma for injection into the therapy site. However, it’s advisable to start by seeing a doctor if you’re having any issues with blood insufficiency. Surgeons perform this technique to increase the formation of new cells in the lips, joints, and face in addition to addressing hair loss.


Among these are the following:

  • Existing hair becomes thicker.
  • This treatment will fill missing hairs.
  • provides you with lasting results.
  • Hide all burns and scars.
  • stops hair loss and maintains your natural appearance.
  • helps to reduce dandruff, boosts self-assurance and confidence, and improves the quality of your life in general.


Candidates should determine whether they are good candidates for PRP in Dubai before beginning any treatment. If any of the following apply to you:

  • want to seem younger.
  • If you wish to stop losing hair.
  • Tired of utilizing natural methods to address hair loss?
  • In general, you’re in decent health.
  • Most essential, you should anticipate that the therapy will work.
  • Patients above the age of 18 are eligible for this surgery.
  • not suffering from any severe diseases or blood sugar problems
  • losing confidence due to sudden hair loss.
  • You are not a pregnant or breastfeeding woman.

Pre-Operative Care: 

The doctor will offer you certain advice to follow before beginning the process. Patients should take these into mind in order to prevent any discomfort during or after the treatment.

  • Take no blood thinners before receiving therapy.
  • Don’t use drugs or smoke cigarettes.
  • Don’t drink alcohol two to three weeks prior to the procedure.
  • As prescribed by the doctor patients should begin various laboratory tests before the procedure.
  • Make an appointment with your specialist.
  • Discuss your objectives with your surgeon.
  • At the initial meeting, go through your medical past as well.

How Is The Blood Infused With These Injections?

The most efficient approach to regrowing hair is this technique of inducing the body’s reaction to growth. It only takes a little over an hour and is painless. The steps for PRP Hair in Dubai are as follows:

  • The doctor will examine a small sample of blood to determine its purity first.
  • Your doctor will get a second sample for the plasma extraction if your tests are positive.
  • Surgeons used a centrifuge to remove the plasma.
  • The doctor will inject an anesthetic into the treatment region to numb the treatment region.
  • To inject the separated plasma into the treatment region surgeons utilized a syringe.
  • The whole procedure will almost take 1 hour. You may now return home.


  • Follow your doctor’s medication instructions precisely.
  • Without consulting a doctor, patients should refrain from taking baths.
  • Apply ointments very carefully. (If any).
  • Keep the space dry and spotless.
  • Set up follow-up sessions with your doctor.
  • Follow the doctors’ advice while applying the wound dressing, if any.
  • Furthermore, it’s crucial to go to the follow-up sessions.

Is PRP Permanent?

PRP hair in Dubai produces long-lasting benefits. But regrettably, these outcomes require upkeep. As a result, you cannot anticipate seeing effects that last after only one session. It is reasonable to state that PRP treatment for hair loss can produce benefits that endure for around a year. To get the desired outcomes, some patients need several treatments at first. PRP can’t, sadly, stop hair loss. Your follicles’ capacity to regenerate hair can only be momentarily revived by it. So, it’s not wrong to say that it’s not a long-term fix.

PRP is the safest treatment for hair loss than any other treatment or product. 

How Painful Is PRP Treatment?

Before applying the injection specialists will massage the treated region. For massage, they use ice packs that’s why the majority of injections are not unpleasant. To numb the targeted region doctors also use vibrating tools to eradicate the discomfort. When treating the face, PRP injections are administered to those who are sensitive to pain after numbing the region with a topical anesthetic cream. PRP injections are used for the treatment of hair loss after local anesthetic injections have numbed the skin of the scalp.

Is It Secure? Are There Any Dangers?

Our skilled team of medical and nursing specialists has carried out numerous surgeries on PRP hair in Dubai. Patient safety is of the highest concern to us. Care should be taken around the lips and eyes since the needles used for the treatment are quite sharp.

Surgeons used your blood to create PRP, that’s why it is quite safe in and of itself. There is no chance of an allergic response. It seldom goes offline.


The price of PRP Hair in Dubai varies on the number of injections you receive and the treatment area. A general estimate for the price of this procedure is between 699 and 2,999 AED. This pricing range varies according to the body part for which you are receiving treatment and the number of appointments required.

You will frequently need just one session to achieve your ideal results. This implies that the cost of your therapy won’t be too high. However, you will have to choose the more expensive choices if you have many bald places or need PRP Injection for multiple causes.

Lifetime Natural Results!

The top-ranked specialists in the world are on our site as part of the greatest hair restoration team. Regardless of gender, we provide the greatest, a most cutting-edge, and most efficient cosmetic technique that beautifully complements your personality and preferences. Consult us if you have any more questions to enjoy the benefits that will last a lifetime for PRP in Dubai!