Introducing the Ellipse®: Elevating Wellness through Advanced Energy Healing


Experience the Power of Harmonic Egg’s Newest Technology for Improved Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-being

The Harmonic Egg®, a renowned name in immersive healing technologies, enjoyed internationally, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the Ellipse®.

The Ellipse® is a finely crafted resonance chamber that surrounds a person with healing music, light, color, and sound frequencies. The chamber looks like a giant “Egg,” and is precisely designed with the principles of sacred geometry to amplify healing on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. The interior of the Ellipse® is lined with warm walnut wood to give the most pristine sensory and acoustic experience in the chamber.

The groundbreaking concept of the Ellipse®, revolutionizing well-being through its immersive healing experience, first appeared on Harmonic Egg, setting a new standard for therapeutic methods.

The first Ellipse® in the world has just been built at BrainThrive PC, a renowned Neurology clinic in Westlake Village (Los Angeles), California. “We are always looking for the most powerful non-pharmacological approaches to support brain health since many neurological medications have serious side effects,” said Dr. Yul Rapoport, Neurologist.

“We chose the Ellipse® after reviewing many elite wellness technologies from around the world. Our patients’ conditions are exacerbated by stress. The immersive experience of the Ellipse® is particularly deep and soothing for those with pain and hypersensitive nervous systems,” said Dr. BJ Adrezin, BrainThrive, CEO.

The Ellipse® holds immense promise in revolutionizing well-being, transcending conventional therapeutic methods. With meticulous control and unwavering consistency, this natural and non-invasive energy therapy amplifies the body’s inherent healing capacities. By seamlessly integrating light, color, sound, frequency, and vibration, the Ellipse® activates the body’s bio-resonance, reestablishing equilibrium and accelerating self-healing.

As a leading provider of wellness solutions, Harmonic Egg, LLC continues to revolutionize the field by offering unique products that facilitate healing and transformation. For further details regarding the Ellipse® and the Harmonic Egg®, please visit