Indian Visa Requirements for Malaysian and Norwegian Citizens

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For Malaysian and Norwegian citizens who are interested in traveling to India for a vacation or to visit friends and family, obtaining an Indian visa is a necessary requirement prior to departure. Unlike citizens from certain countries who may qualify for an e-visa, tourists from Malaysia and Norway must fill out an application and physically submit the documents to the India Visa Application Center (IVAC) for processing. The process for obtaining an Indian visa for Malaysian and Norwegian citizens broadly consists of online form filling, document submission, and visa payment.

Overview of Indian Visa Requirements for Malaysian and Norwegian Citizens

Firstly, applicants must fill up the online visa form. This form requires applicants to enter their basics such as name, occupation, address, contact information, etc. Furthermore, applicants must provide passport details such as passport number, place and date of issue, expiration date and passport type. To complete their application, applicants must also upload the required photographs along with their passports. Malaysian and Norwegian citizens must ensure that the digital photograph or scanned images of the photograph meets the guidelines provided against the criteria listed in the application form.

Indian Visa Application Process for Malaysian and Norwegian Citizens

Indian Visa for Malaysian Citizens, Once the online form is filled, applicants must submit their original passport, photograph, and other relevant documents such as a statement of purpose for their travel and evidence of financial capabilities for their stay in India to the India Visa Application Center (IVAC). It is essential for prospective travelers from Malaysia and Norway to submit a valid passport that must have at least six months of validity from the date of entry into India. For an extended stay, applicants need to obtain a valid visa from the respective Indian Embassy prior to arrival in India.

Required Documents for Indian Visa Applications from Malaysian and Norwegian Citizens

After submitting the necessary documents to the IVAC, applicants must pay the stated visa fee for processing their applications. Indian visa fee for citizens from Malaysia and Norway are the same and if find eligible, the visa will be delivered to the respective address provided.

Obtaining an Indian Visa for Norwegian Citizens is a simple and straightforward process. As of 2019, Malaysians have the benefit of multiple Indian visa options and e-visa availability. Nationals of Malaysia can apply for an Indian visa online in three categories: business visa, tourist visa, and medical visa. Visas can be issued for various reasons, including visiting family or friends, attending a conference, or pursuing medical treatments.

Indian Visa Fees for Malaysian and Norwegian Citizens

Malaysians who apply for an e-visa will need to provide a valid passport and passport-sized photograph. Once the online application is complete and the visa fee is paid, approval takes approximately three to four days. Upon approval, the e-visa will be electronically linked to the passport. The visa is valid up to 60 days from the date of arrival in India, allowing plenty of time for Malaysians to explore the country.

In conclusion

In conclusion, obtaining an Indian visa for Malaysian and Norwegian citizens involves filling out an online application, submitting their original passport, photograph, and other relevant documents to the IVAC, and paying the visa fee. All steps in the process must be followed to obtain a successful visa.