How to Write a Last-Minute Essay without any Delay and Extension

professional essay writers

professional essay writers

Writing an essay is a daunting task that students get assigned during their academic career. Essay writing requires ample research, time, and subject knowledge. During your academic life, students get assigned essays by their professors with short deadlines. Writing a last-minute essay seems challenging to students. However, it is possible to compose a perfect one without delay and extension if you follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks. Many students struggle to compose a perfect essay. If you are facing a similar issue, consider getting help from professional essay writers to get the best essay solution. Here in this blog, we have mentioned the step-by-step guide on how to write a last-minute essay.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Last-Minute Essay

Here is the step-by-step guide to last-minute essay writing.

Calm Down & Breathe

When you’re attempting to figure out how to write a college essay quickly without losing quality, something stands in your way: stress. You’re quite nervous and don’t think the process will go well. So you commit to writing a subpar paper because you believe it is the best you can accomplish with the available time. You’re mistaken!

For a moment, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Tell yourself: “This is something I can handle. I CAN DO IT! When someone instructs you to do that, it sounds foolish, but it works, and you have to believe in yourself when you say it. You must approach this essay writing process with the proper perspective, thus, do not skip a step.

Consider the End Result: it will be fantastic. When you relax, you give your mind the space it needs to generate new thoughts. The sensation of control will allow you to effortlessly complete each of the subsequent phases and make the entire process more actionable and less daunting. You’re calm and confident now, so that you can proceed.

Create a Professional Essay Outline & Compass All Your Thoughts

Are you aware of the most commonly skipped phase in the essay writing process? It’s the outline. Do you want to know what their biggest blunder is? – Leaving out the outline. It may appear to be a waste of time because you’re jotting down the paper’s main points, which you’ll then expand into a real college essay structure. No one will see the outline, and your professor will not grade it. Does that imply you don’t require it? Certainly not!

Every essay writing book will tell you the same thing: start with an outline. That is not by chance! You must be aware of the essay structure, which will help you organise your thoughts. Plus, mind mapping is entertaining!

  • Take a blank piece of paper and jot down any thoughts that come to you. To acquire ideas, look over some essay examples.
  • Don’t try to classify the thoughts as dumb or fantastic; simply write them down.
  • The selection procedure will then take centre stage. Take note of those ideas fragments and connect them into a single framework. Don’t become too connected to them; some will be ridiculous, so get rid of them and focus on the fruitful ones.
  • When writing the paper, create a tidy mind map and adhere to its structure.

Conduct Research First, & Write Later

You thought you were prepared to begin writing? Not so quickly! The best essays all have one thing in common: they are well-researched. Lack of time is not an excuse for not conducting research. Your professor will not appreciate repetitive work that relies exclusively on your hazy, unconvincing ideas.

Don’t worry; conducting research for a college essay does not take long. Here are a few pointers to assist you in conducting research in under 15 minutes:

  • The most crucial thing to remember is the objective of producing a paper according to the exact outline you have in mind.
  • Instead of the good old Google, try Google Scholar. Consider the following example from the mind map: Assume you are writing an essay about global warming. You’ll have to go deep if you utilise Google to uncover authoritative sources. You won’t have time to experiment with alternative phrases and keywords, so you’ll settle with the first random results you come across. They may provide you with writing ideas but will not persuade your teacher that you completed the significant study.
  • Don’t overlook Wikipedia. It is an underutilised web source since people may edit it, yet it provides excellent material you can use in your paper. That doesn’t imply you can’t cite Wikipedia in an academic article. Use it to find the needed information, then look for it in a more authoritative online source.

Write As You Mean It

The mere fact that you are required to write an essay makes you dislike the subject, no matter how hard your professor tries to make it appealing. That is the incorrect mindset to have. With all of your preparations from the last three writing tips, you already know how to start an essay and are confident that you can complete the task within the timeframe you have.

All that remains is for you to create the content.

  • Find a really interesting aspect that will pique your interest and inspire you to write the best essay. Even the most mundane topics contain something interesting; all you have to do is discover it and inject your personality into the writing process.
  • Everyone will continue to write about the same topics, but you are supposed to give something unique. You can look up information and facts from scientists who oppose global warming. You may create an entertaining essay arguing for them, but you can also utilise those statements to shine a light on the side of the subject that students and teachers rarely consider.
  • The introduction must be spectacular! Make it interesting by including quotes or real-life examples. Then, finish with a strong statement and write it as you mean it! The essay’s body should contain arguments and evidence that support the thesis statement.


Last-minute essay writing can be done by following a few tips and tricks. This blog is aimed to provide information on how to write a last-minute essay without delay and extension. By the end of this blog, you will be able to learn the art of writing an essay quickly. If you find it challenging to write an essay at the last minute, consider getting online writing assistance and online editing and proofreading services from professional academic writing service providers.