How to Detect Genuine Camphor Tablets?

Camphor tablets work as one of the most usable puja essentials. Now, most people fail to understand which puja essential camphor is pure and which one is not. There is a wide range of camphor available in the marketplace. Among them, which one is pure? You need to understand that and get genuine camphor tablets. You can also buy camphor tablets online and check their purity. 

1. The smell 

Artificial camphor smells like something polythene type when it starts to bring. This is the primary way to detect impure camphor. Besides that, you can also use these camphor tablets, and they will be very effective and useful for them too. So, always have a smell test of the camphor tablets so that you will be able to detect the purity of the camphor. 

2. It will burn without sparkling. 

When you buy camphor and burn it, then if you notice that the camphor is burning without any sparkling, it can be said that the product is pure and there is none of the impurities present in the camphor. So, this is another burnout test that you can perform to get the most effective results. When it sparkles, there are some impurities in the camphor, and it will also not look pure white. This is the main feature that helps in the detection of the camphor, and it is denoted as one of the best products that should be used. 

3. There will be no reduced ash. 

When you use the camphor tablets, then you will be able to use that the product will also not reduce any ash. The camphor tablets that are pure will get defused with the fire, and they will also not leave behind any kind of ashes, which means the product is completely pure and safe to use. People can also use them and get very useful products for puja purposes. You can also buy camphor tablets online so that you will be able to get the best products that will not reduce ash, and it will also give fresh products to the users who are going to use them. This one will be a very easy and helpful process for you to detect pure camphor rather than impure camphor. 


Camphor can be pure or impure; both types of camphor can be available in the market; as it is an essential product for every household, it is important to detect the pure camphor so that they will be able to get one of the best as well as the safest option to the users. When they use the product, the user should have to know that they are using the purest camphor. As using impure camphor can lead to cancerous cells in the body, it would be best for you to take help from the camphor tablet that is being used in the puja purpose and people will also feel safe and there will be none of the side effects will be there that will be used by a person.