HovBeta Step-Thru Foldable From HOVSCO


HOVSCO’s HovBeta Step-Thru Foldable is an electric adult bicycle built for stress-free cruising and zippy city traversal, packed with comfort features for optimal rider experience. Achieve speeds up to Class 2 (20mph with app unlock) or Class 3 (28mph with app unlock).

This elegant electric bike features a Samsung/LG removable battery concealed within its frame that unfolds easily for quick riding pleasure. Plus, there is a front suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels for added peace of mind!


HovBeta is a foldable electric bicycle designed for easy transport and storage, fitting conveniently into any trunk or commuter train carriage. Additionally, its battery can act as a portable power source for smartphones and other electronic devices – an ideal solution for those wanting to reduce their environmental footprint while still enjoying all of the comforts and speed associated with riding a bicycle ride.

HovBeta Step-Thru Foldable offers an ergonomic step-through frame design, fat tires, front suspension, and a classy LCD display paired with an app to offer extra functionality. Its 750W upgraded brushless gear hub motor delivers up to 28 mph for effortless hill and terrain climbing and comes equipped with both throttle and pedal-assist modes for added control. Finally, its battery has a concealed design within the downtube section for an aesthetically pleasing appearance; with its 720Wh capacity enabling travel of 60 miles on one charge using pedal-assist or throttle modes enabled on one charge!

Pedal Assist

HovBeta Step-Thru Foldable from HOVSCO is an electric folding bike designed to make for an excellent commuter vehicle. It hides its battery pack within its frame for clean lines that don’t shout “I’m an e-bike!”

This bike allows riders to either pedal without motor assistance or utilize one of three easy-to-use pedal assist bike levels. A torque sensor powers the motor based on how hard you pedal rather than using cadence sensors that may send power at inopportune moments and cause unexpected jerkiness when power reaches it too soon.

At just 66 pounds, this folding bike weighs less than most others on the market, making it easier to transport in your trunk or on public transportation. Plus, its size and weight make riding easier when fatigue sets in! Easily folded up for air travel too! Plus it features a front suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes on both ends to top it all off!


HovBeta stands out from cheaper e-bikes by having its battery integrated into its frame; this creates clean lines and makes the HovBeta resemble more closely traditional bicycles.

The lightweight construction of this model makes transport easy for passengers in vehicles or buses without straining too much, thus helping reduce fossil fuel pollution while conserving our planet’s environment.

With its powerful motor and fat tires, the HovBeta can effortlessly navigate both paved streets and off-road trails for an enjoyable, stress-free riding experience. Use it for daily commutes thanks to its impressive performance and portable design, or add accessories such as fenders and cargo racks for increased comfort or attach a passenger seat for even greater ease and convenience – making this bike ideal for riders seeking an enhanced outdoor cycling experience! You can find accessories like bicycle helmets at HOVSCO.


Hovsco folding E-bikes enable riders to transport their bikes in the trunk of a car, on public transportation such as trains or buses without incurring costly transportation costs or contributing to air pollution from fossil fuel combustion.

This elegant and durable model comes equipped with a Samsung/LG removable battery for reliable riding. Boasting cutting-edge battery technology with its 5000mAh single-cell capacity that provides longer riding distance, stability, and safety features. Fully charged this battery can cover 40 miles on pure electric power or over 60 miles with a pedal assist; and will maintain 80% capacity even after 1,000 charges!

HovBeta features front suspension, fat tires, and a powerful 750W motor for smooth riding over any terrain. By default it is set as a Class 2 e-bike (governed to 20mph), however, an app upgrade can unlock it to faster Class 3 status for up to 28mph maximum speeds – perfect for hilly routes or urban commutes!