Glutathione needle doctors in Dubai

Glutathione needle doctors in Dubai

White skin is still the dream of every woman. No matter how tastes and personal preferences change, cosmetic medicine has found no alternative. But to respond to this desire by searching for the best means that enable women to obtain pure white and glowing skin, glutathione injections are the new generation of technology. To lighten the color of the skin, together in this short guide from Royal. We learn all the information related to whitening needles in Dubai clinics.

Information about glutathione injections

One of the antioxidant substances is glutathione injections, and scientists have discovered its effectiveness in breaking down melanin. The substance gives the skin its distinctive color, thus obtaining white skin without any pigmentation. To obtain immediate results for skin whitening we use Glutathione needles or skin whitening needles. However, many doctors recommend getting glutathione via tablets as a dietary supplement to reduce its health effects of it.

To obtain the final results, Glutathione injection sessions are performed and you must undergo between 2 and 4 sessions. The advantage of glutathione is that it actually whitens the body and treats dark spots in the skin. It is a very safe method if used carefully and under medical supervision.

Cost of bleaching needles in Dubai

Glutathione injections are relatively expensive due to the small number of doctors who are good at dealing with them. When looking at the cost of glutathione injections in Dubai, we find the price of one session ranges from 2000 to 5000 AED. The cost of the needles reaches half of this amount, while the other half goes to other many actions associated with the process. The treatment needs two to four sessions, meaning that the total cost of needle whitening treatment in Dubai clinics will range between 4000 to 20,000 AED. It is a high cost when compared to the cost of the same operation in countries such as Turkey, Iraq, and Egypt.

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