Diversification- A Cushion That Every Investors Need

There are many golden rules of investing, and the one golden rule is diversification. It is a technique that reduces risk by allocating investments across various financial sectors. It aims to minimize losses by investing in different areas that react differently to market situations. Although it is not a guarantee against loss, it is the most crucial component of reaching long-range financial goals while minimizing risk. So, the big question is, why should you diversify?

Why You Should Diversify

Let’s understand this with a stock example. For instance, you have railway stocks, and something goes wrong with the entire railway infrastructure and comes to a halt. If you have railway stocks, your portfolio will get a hit. Now consider that if you have airline and car rental stocks in your portfolio, your portfolio will be cushioned and will not get hit. This will not guarantee to save you in all cases as many risks affect rail and air because each is involved in transportation. Events like the Corona lockdown and others can affect the entire transportation industry. To achieve the best diversification, you must invest in different types of companies and industries. Also, try to get into other asset classes, such as bonds, Best SMSF cryptocurrency and stocks, that do not typically react similarly. A combination of an asset will cushion your portfolio’s sensitivity to market swings. Let’s talk about the popular asset classes in detail:

  • Stocks- Stocks have the highest potential to give you a massive return over time but can fluctuate wildly over shorter periods.
  • Bonds- Bonds may offer you significant returns with a fixed pay-out but can vary as the interest rates vary across the globe.
  • Funds- Funds are a great way to diversify your portfolio because they usually hold many investments, which can be an excellent choice for novice investors.
  • Real estate– Real estate can appreciate over time and is regarded as one of the safest assets you can now hold. Not to mention they are difficult to acquire and maintain.
  • Fixed Deposits- Fixed deposits and savings accounts do not offer that great return but are one of the safest and fixed ways to earn money on your principal amount.


Diversification is known to help an investor to manage risk and reduce the volatility of an asset’s price movements. Remember, no matter how much you diversify your portfolio, there is no guarantee that it can safeguard you against market turbulences. You can mitigate the risks, but general market risks affect nearly every sector, so it is important to diversify among different asset classes.

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Disclaimer- This content should not be considered financial advice and is for educational or informational purposes only.