Convincing Reasons to Subtitle All Your Videos

In case you are a business and you are generating video content on a regular basis. You have likely struggled with the idea of adding subtitles, mainly in case you are targeting global audiences. However, you know what translating footage is not the one reason why you must consider video subtitles translation expert services.

This post is going to acquaint you with some points that tell you exactly why you should invest in a subtitles services for your business. After all, having proper subtitling and translation can make a great difference in the outputs you get. So, here are some points you may want to look into:

Accessible data to deaf and hard of hearing audience 

The clear and important reason to subtitle video content is to make it absolutely more accessible for deaf and even hard-of-hearing audiences. But , it is critical for you to understand the difference between subtitles and even closed captions (CC) in this instance:

  • Subtitles: these provide text for spoken dialogue and, in the instance of translated subtitles, visible type of text.
  • Closed captions: these offer text for dialogue and even contextual descriptions of relevant audio – e.g. Music, sound effects etc.

Subtitles are absolutely commonly used for translating entire dialogue. While closed captions are more effective for deaf and even hard-of-hearing audiences – or times where people choose to watch your clips or video with the sound muted.

Not everyone prefers videos or audios 

There are so many times situations where people may prefer to watch your video content in the absence of the audio. This is growingly common in the mobile age wherein folks are scrolling swiftly through social media feeds. There are even scenarios where many different individuals might not even feel comfortable watching videos with audio, for example once they are in a public setting having the volume turned up.

By simply subtitling your videos, your content turns out to be straightaway accessible to the people. Who really want to watch in silence , no matter they are on the bus riding returning home after work or they have a child to sleep at home.

Enhanced comprehension with subtitles 

There is a huge amount of research that shows that watching video content with subtitles enhance the overall viewer’s comprehension ability.   The point is video captions, even known as same-language subtitles, advantage everyone who watches different videos (kids , adolescents, college students, and even adults).

Experts believe that captioning a video enhance the comprehension of, attention to, and memory for the video. Captions are specifically beneficial for persons watching videos or clips in their non-native language, for kids and adults learning to read, and even for persons who are D/deaf or even hard of hearing.

Video content with subtitles is fun 

Viewing habits and practices also support the science behind the advantage of watching video content with proper subtitles. There are researches that show more than dozens of audiences use subtitles while watching  movies or clips. You would always find people using Netflix and keeping the subtitles on all the time. Of course, it is not just the need but a habit too. And if you are not fulfilling to the habits of your consumers or watchers; your videos might experience dropped views.


To sum up , just hire subtitle translation services and let them handle the tasks of subtitling all your videos. After all, since it can make a great difference for your growth and popularity; you should not miss.