DevOps Consulting Firms – Providing Speedy Services

DevOps Consulting Firms - Providing Speedy Services

DevOps consulting firms are quite of assistance for organizations that have IT infrastructure. DevOps is technically a method that is designed for aligning development and operation teams to deliver high-quality software. Since 2013, many organizations have been offering end-to-end DevOps consulting services to help businesses achieve the frequency and reliability of software. Software is the need of every business, and some software that is high-in-demand are Python, SQL, and Java. The thing about this software is that not every company has employees that have expertise in this field, but these skills are required for the successful operation of an organization. Hence, that is where the consulting companies come in. They help in resolving any issue that occurs between the developers and the engineers who are working at different stages of the software development. 

When to consult a DevOps consulting firm?

DevOps is a necessary coding language for the operational systems of most organizations, and a DevOps consultant is a professional that is required to resolve specific DevOps related issues and educate employees on how to use these tools. Now the question that arises is, how is your company going to know that you need to turn to DevOps consulting? We will discuss some of the concerns below, and if you are facing any, it is an indication that you need to refer to a consulting firm

  1. You feel like there are dissimilarities between the configurations of development, testing, and production environments.
  2. There is a lack of collaboration between the teams of development, administration, and security which results in a slow delivery and a bad software quality. 
  3. The manual process of the IT infrastructure is slow.
  4. User experience and business operations are affected by post-release errors.
  5. Infrastructure modification, software updates, and solving bugs take time. 
  6. The testing process has become slow due to insufficient test automation. 

However, these problems can be easily managed by the consulting firm you hired can easily address these problems. 

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What do the professionals do to resolve the issue?

So there are four steps to the implementation scenario, and obviously, we are going to start with the first step:

First Step:

Professionals start by analyzing the current development cycle with available IT resources and the IT infrastructure to solve the problem. Then comes mapping the business expectations, identifying the capabilities and constraints that come with it, and, with the help of that devising a DevOps implementation strategy. 

Second Step:

It includes creating the roadmap by designing the staking approach and CI/CD approach + tools.  Please advise on the test automation approach, designing the integration of IaaC and configuration management tools, locating DevOps-specific challenges, and elaborating on their solutions.

Third Step:

The third step is the execution in which all of the DevOps tools are executed. In this, the consulting firm guides your IT system administrators, project, program, and delivery managers, developers, software test engineers, and other DevOps practitioners that are required in the required tools and processes. Including assisting in the deployment and configuration of CI/CD and test automation tools.

Fourth Step:

The fourth and last step is supported. The experts mentor your DevOps practitioners to achieve the set DevOps implementation while maintaining the operability of the software infrastructure and implementing changes in it. That is done to ensure a proper load distribution within the IT department.

There are some common challenges faced by the organizations, like the resistance of employees to the DevOps implementation and uncertainty about the technologies that are needed for implementing the DevOps initiative but can be easily overcome. If you are looking to hire a consulting firm, get in touch with X-Centric.

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