Consider exploring the excellent business opportunity of pharma: Pharma export company in India

Pharma export company in India

Pharma export company in India

The Indian pharmaceutical market is expanding its territory to various markets from international countries. Today, developed countries like the USA, UK, Germany, China, Japan, etc. Depends on Indian pharma exports to receive their pharmaceuticals and fulfill their healthcare needs. From the sources, it is defined that the US accounted for over 33 percent of India’s total pharmaceutical exports. Whereas, the UK and Netherlands account for around 5 percent of the total pharmaceutical exports from the nation. Apart from these, there are new geographical areas also added to the list of Indian pharmaceutical exports including Chad, Comoros, South Sudan, Brunei, Montenegro, Haiti, Latvia, Ireland, and Ethiopia. Indian pharmaceutical exports rank third in terms of volume and fourteenth in terms of value. 

The rank of Indian pharmaceutical exports 

Germany stands top on the list of highly ranked nations offering pharmaceutical exports to nations. However, India also stands third in the list of highly ranked nations offering pharmaceutical exports. It exports to various developed countries. Moreover, the nation is also considered one of the biggest exporters of generic and Ayurvedic medicines. Indian pharma exports rank fourteen in terms of value. Apart from this, the business model stood at over USD fifty billion in the past year. However, it is accounted for to export pharmaceutical products worth 2-3 billion every 30 days. The nation is also accounted to produce more than 60,000 generic drugs across 60 therapeutic categories. 

Rationale Behind growing Indian pharmaceutical export : There are several reasons behind the development of the Indian pharmaceutical industry. One among them is the pharma export company in India

What is a pharma export company in India?

A pharma export company is a reputed and trusted company in the Indian pharmaceutical market that works on behalf of international pharmaceutical companies and fulfills the pharmaceutical needs of various nations by exporting high-quality and affordable pharmaceuticals to pharmaceutical companies from abroad. 

Why trust third party manufacturers for pharmaceutical exports? 

India doesn’t stand first in the rank of best pharma export nations but it does appear third in the list. The reason for this growth is third party manufacturers. They have gained excellence in manufacturing pharmaceuticals by majorly focusing on the quality standards of the pharmaceutical goods. The manufacturers are experts in complying with all national and international regulatory standards on pharmaceutical manufacturing. They are the WHO-GMP certified and GLP certified ones and specialize in manufacturing pharmaceutical goods. 

The excellent and top-ranked pharma export company in India

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