Best Local Food In Malacca (Malaysia)

Best Local Food In Malacca (Malaysia)

Malacca’s best local food highlights the city’s Peranakan heritage which dates back to 15th century. This historic city is a hub of food, so it is easy to enjoy authentic Chinese, Malay, and Peranakan cuisines.

You’ve found the right place if you are looking for unusual and diverse dishes as well as a variety of flavours. Here are some Malaccan dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in Malaysia.

1.Chicken rice balls

The chicken rice balls are similar in appearance to traditional Hainanese chicken rice. However, the rice is available in golf-ball-sized sizes. It is often eaten for breakfast or lunch in Malacca.

2.Coconut shake

Malacca’s coconut shake uses everything coconut. Coconut water and flesh are blended with ice with vanilla ice cream. This thirst quencher is available at many stalls, but Klebang has the best. Although the queue can be long for this refreshing drink, it is well worth the wait.

3.Malacca Brown Sugar Cendol

Although it is difficult to find, this food stall, located in Bukit Rambai’s Nyonya compound, sells healthy, hygienic meals specially prepared by Aunty Koh. This creamy dessert is made with coconut milk, palm sugar and rice flour jelly. It has won the hearts of thousands who visit this small town. This place is the best Nyonya brown Sugar Cendol in Malacca.

4.Satay celup

Satay celup, a Malaccan specialty, is basically a fondue-like meal made of skewered meat and vegetables. The skewers are dipped in a hot, spicy peanut sauce. This allows you to cook pieces of raw meat, tofu and prawns as well as vegetables.

5.Peranakan/Nyonya dishes

Malacca is a great place to try Peranakan cuisine. Peranakan culture was born in this city. The city is home to unique dishes like sek Bak (braised pork) or ikan gorengcili garam (deep-fried fish coated with spicy chilli paste). Pair the dishes with white rice to take advantage of the intense flavors.

6.Asam Laksa

Jonker 88 is a popular spot for local food. They offer great desserts and local cuisines. This place has a vintage and historical feel and offers a variety of desserts and meals that can be self-served. Their ‘Assam Laksa and ‘Cendol are a must-have! This place can get crowded easily so be careful!

7.Asam Pedas

Although there are many outlets that sell Asam Pedas, this food stand offers the most affordable and delicious Asam Pedas in Melaka. This Malay spicy and sour fish stew is served with homemade spices and chilies.

8.Durian cendol

Durian cendol, a Malaccan classic dessert, is the best. It is a combination of durian cendol, a green worm-like jelly made from rice flour and shaved snow. Even if durian is not your favorite, you should give it a try, especially on a hot day in Malacca.

9.Assam Gulai Fish

The ‘chap fan’ (economy-rice) restaurant sells packed rice to local families and tourists. It also has decent Kopitiam-style seating. This place is located outside of the city center, but it’s a great spot for those who want to enjoy local cuisine. Their signature dish is char siew, a unique roasted BBQ Pork, Roast Pork and Assam Gulai Fish served with economy rice.

10.Pie Tee

Nancy’s Kitchen is just a few words away if you say “Peranakan food”. The Nyonya family-run restaurant offers authentic Peranakan food, including Pie Tee and Ayam Buah Keluak. It also serves duck and salted water.

11.Duck Drumstick Noodle

The Malacca duck drumstick noodles is a savory dish made with bee hoon and seasoned with spicy herbs. Their crispy pig ears with gelatinous skin can be enjoyed with braised duck meat, pork cuts, eggs, and more!

12.Putu Piring

The popular Putu Piring is made from rice flour and stuffed with gula Melaka, (palm sugar), filling. It’s also coated with grated coconut. This restaurant is owned by a friendly couple. This delicious, fresh, hot and delicious dish has a sweet-salty twist.

13.Pandan Pancake

This cafe is rooted in family and friends and attracts hundreds more customers each weekend. They specialize in pancakes and serve delicious food! They are known for their delicious local pandan pancakes, and smoked duck salad.

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