Are Riyadh Schools the Best for International Baccalaureate Curriculum?

Education plays a vital role in every child’s life. You will want to give your child the best possible level of education. Some countries have built an excellent education system, and Riyadh is one of them. Both ex-pats and locals prefer schools in Riyadh that offer an exceptional curriculum. 

There are some local schools where the entire curriculum is in Arabic. However, Riyadh has a network of international schools with an excellent curriculum aligned with international standards. 

Reasons Why You Should Choose Riyadh for International Baccalaureate Curriculum 

Below are some reasons that make Riyadh the ideal destination for international baccalaureate education.

  • Inquiry-Based Curriculum 

Several Riyadh schools have now adopted the baccalaureate program meeting international standards. 

While there are curriculums where the teachers focus on feeding information, the international baccalaureate curriculum in Riyadh is quite different. The curriculum trains students to become learners for life. They mold students into reformative thinkers who keep questioning and want to go to the roots of every problem they encounter. 

The curriculum motivates the students to put their reasoning skills to use and then come to conclusions. The students are also encouraged to use their analytical skills and test theories to produce meaningful results. 

Almost all Riyadh schools with an international curriculum promote the concept of open classrooms where there are healthy discussions between the students and the teachers. Also, the students are given accountability for several projects so that they get to take on responsibilities early in life.

The curriculum also allows students to perform hands-on activities that expose them to how things work in the real world. It will help the students develop skills to help them navigate their lives.

  • Consistency

When you opt-in for an international baccalaureate curriculum for your kid in Riyadh, you make sure that you are making your kid ready for the world. The international curriculum is consistent across countries, and they will be able to adopt skills they can use anywhere in the world. 

Some schools in different parts of the world follow a similar curriculum. Riyadh has multiple schools that follow this curriculum designed per international standards. Also, if you are shifting to Riyadh from Singapore or Europe, you will find that your kids adapt to the curriculum seamlessly. Therefore, transitioning from one school to another that follows an international baccalaureate curriculum is seamless.

  • Exposure beyond Academics 

The best thing about Riyadh schools that have adopted the international curriculum is that they are much beyond regular academics. While they do everything possible to build a solid academic profile for your kid, they also emphasize the importance of sports and fine arts for your kid’s personality. Interdisciplinary learning is essential for students as they grow up and take up different roles where they will use all these skills.  

Also, these activities keep them active throughout the curriculum. The students feel rejuvenated by participating in these activities and can give more attention to their academics. Today, we live in a practical world that requires us to be ready to face the practical world. These activities will prepare your kid for the world that awaits them.

Final Words 

If you are a resident of Riyadh, you must invest in your child’s future by getting them enrolled in a school that follows an international curriculum. Multiple schools in Riyadh have mastered the delivery of this curriculum. However, there is one such school that stands out from the crowd. 

The One World the best international schools in Riyadh is the pioneer in the curriculum and onboarded professionally equipped teachers who come with global experience in the education space. It is an American international school with a smart campus to enable smart learning.