All You Need to Know About Pink Kush Strain

One of the most popular marijuana strains is the Pink Kush strain. This strain belongs to the Kush family and has close relations with the OG Kush. It originated from Asian nations, mainly India and Pakistan. This strain is indica dominant strain and is one of the most potent hybrid strains and is potent for addressing various mental and medical conditions. 

This strain is one of the popular strains in Canada and the United States, first bred in the 2000s. Most people use this strain without understanding various information about it. These details are ideal for guiding you on the dosage levels and preventing potential effects. Instead of researching extensively, here are some details you need to know about the strain. 

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Cannabinoid content

The Pink Kush strain contains various types of cannabinoids. The THC level in this strain ranges between 20 and 25%, meaning you are likely to feel the euphoric and high effects whenever you take them, regardless of the dosage. It also contains cannabinoids such as 1% CBD, 1% CBN, and CBG. If you need a strain to address medical and non-medical conditions, you should buy pink Kush strain. Cannabinoids’ properties can help you address various conditions. 

Some of these properties rise since this strain is a phenotype of OG Kush, one of the most indica dominant strains and hybrid. The uniqueness of this strain also increases due to the terpenes profile, which makes it ideal for chronic conditions. This strain is indica dominant, with the levels of indica at 90 %, while the sativa is only 10%. 

Flavors and aromas

This strain has various flavors such as citrus, earthy, sweet, spicy, and piney. These flavors make it attractive to many marijuana users. The flavors make it ideal for vaping, smoking, or CBD oil. If you use it as CBD oil, it can easily blend with other extra ingredients. You can also use it in various foods, such as CBD cookies. 

This strain has a distinctive aroma featuring certain scents such as vanilla, pine, and other flowery scents. These scents neutralize the distinct, striking, and aromatic scent, sometimes unpleasant unless mixed with different aromas. 

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Pink Kush strain has an aesthetically pleasing appearance due to its pink, yellow, and green colors. These colors are very vibrant, making them outstanding amongst other strains. It has a frosty appearance caused by the thick coating of sticky resin. 

These colors are evenly distributed since the leaves have a deep resonant green color, and the pistil is yellowish with a few dots of pink. Others have a few stains of orange, purple, and tan colors. The color balance and distribution make it one of the most visually appealing strains, and you can easily distinguish it from others.

Growing information

This strain can withstand various pests, molds, and mildew attacks. It is one of the most resistant strains but still, you need to maintain the proper temperatures to keep the plant from mold. High humidity can lead to the plant accumulating a lot of molds hence affecting its quality. The best environment to grow this strain should be warm and dry. It can also grow outdoors and indoors. However, growing it outdoors will yield a higher return and top-quality strain than growing it indoors.

You also need to provide the right ingredients to support the growth. You also need to maintain the soil pH value at 6.5. After providing all the ideal growth requirements, you can begin harvesting between 10 to 11 weeks.

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The medical effects

This strain is ideal for dealing with various medical conditions. Due to the indica concentration, it can be a perfect remedy for dealing with mental conditions. It can be suitable for those who desire relaxation and deal with anxiety issues that affect performance or concentration. It has an uplifting mood effect that restores the positive vibes enabling you to feel happy. 

Impact on anxiety and extensive mental conditions

It triggers the release of various happiness hormones such as serotonin and endorphins, eliminating the negative energy that can cause anxiety or affect concentration. However, too much of it can result in the opposite effects; hence you need to be careful about the dosage levels.

It can also be suitable for dealing with severe mental conditions such as PTSD and depression. It induces calm, soothing thoughts and drowsiness, enabling the patient to focus more on positivity than trigger memories. 

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Impact on insomnia

Various factors can cause insomnia; they include chronic pain, rapid eye movement, and other mental conditions such as stress and anxiety. This strain enables you to relax and calm down effectively to get a good night’s sleep. It allows the body organs, including the brain, to relax effectively and rest; hence you wake up on a new day feeling rejuvenated and focused.

Impact on focus

Pink Kush strain is ideal for focusing and concentrating on what you are doing. It can be suitable for projects requiring high focus and attention levels. However, you should not use it due to the extensive euphoric effects. You can take a small dosage at night to relax and begin a new day fresh and focused. It also boosts the body’s energy levels enabling you to stay positive and focus on what you are doing other than focusing on negativity. 


You should harvest top-quality pink Kush strain to deal with anxiety, depression, and PTSD whenever you follow the growth requirements. This strain contains a high THC level making it ideal for dealing with insomnia and relaxing, regaining attention, and focusing. It can also be suitable for dealing with pains such as headaches. Providing the right conditions enables you to harvest the strain within the shortest durations.