Achraf Nait signs for Cork City FC for 6 months

It was a special week for Achraf. After his season with Malaga CF, he managed to score a contract in Ireland. Achraf Nait has signed with the club until 15 January 2022 with an option to extend. Achraf Nait was born and raised in the Netherlands. Former Malaga CF player and Morocco Under-23 national team player.

Cork City is currently still hoping to return to the top flight this season. The board is full of praise and will do everything in its power to end the season with a championship.

Achraf Nait was pursued by potential clubs for some time but had to contend with serious injuries. Cork City dared to take the risk and beat Achraf Knight on board. They were responsible for the recovery and hoped for a speedy recovery so that Achraf could quickly join the selection to play matches.

Ashraf Nait Brahim took a step forward in the world of football. His career as a winger for Cork City FC has flourished in recent years. He told the club’s official website: “Why did you come to Cork City FC? Of course, I will not only win awards but play in the highest league again and focus on the European league. Those are the two reasons I came to Cork City FC.” Achraf Nait Brahim says he has grown a lot since his move to Malaga CF and now there is more to our game. That’s it. “

“It’s great to be a part of this team and to be a part of this amazing adventure. Yes, I am happy to be with this team.” He performed brilliantly in his last team last season. The club was keen on his skills and tactics to achieve their goals. Unfortunately, he opted for a new adventure playing in the Irish competition in Ireland as an injured player.

working life

Born on February 25, 1997, the 23-year-old wing has already played for clubs such as HFC Haarlem, Aden The Hague and RKC Walwijk. He was also a member of the Netherlands Under-14 team. But he started his career as a professional footballer at Malaga CF. His career has changed a lot since then. His contract with the club was highly successful, scoring seven goals and eight assists. Sports management does not neglect his great performance. He won the best wing of the season award.

All eyes on the price

Achraf Nait Brahim is now the face of new talent in Dutch football. As a soccer player in Dutch Morocco, he made his name and his club’s name in national football. So it was his destiny to join one of the best clubs in England. However, due to documentation issues, there were some initial hurdles in this process. Finally, FIFA approves a meeting of football players when its role is properly implemented. Ashraf continued his daily sports. The Moroccan game retailer is now recovering from his injury with top foreign clubs looking for him.

Winning price

Ashraf Nait Brahim was selected as the best wing of the season. Málaga CF/Gib.UTD received awards and benefits from the coach.

In the first few weeks of the new season, Achraf Nait has been in good form and has been very efficient, with four goals from five goals. Morocco, the Netherlands have also signed assists and experienced the league’s most successful transitions (94).