7 Of the Most Popular Cosmetic Treatments and Skincare Procedures In 2022

Cosmetic treatments and advanced skincare are becoming much more mainstream and in 2022, we have seen a tonne of new procedures burst onto the market. We’ve taken a look at some of the most popular procedures that people chose in 2022 and briefly summarized each. Take a look below to see if any of these procedures take your fancy too!

Botox treatments

Botox treatments used to be reserved for the rich and famous, but in recent years they have become much more mainstream. This in part due to the ease of Botox as a treatment and its affordability. 

Botox is often used as an anti-aging treatment and helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Many people chose to get Botox in 2022, and we expect many more will get it into 2023. If you are considering Botox, remember to always seek out professional treatments done be specialists with lots of experience, like those who administer Botox at Skin Vitality.


Microdermabrasion is essentially a really hardcore exfoliation. There are a few different ways that this procedure is done, but the aim of all of them is to unclog pores and rid the skin of dirt, excess sebum and impurities. It is a great choice if you’re prone to breakouts, have uneven skin tone, or want to even out fine lines. 

LED light therapy

LED light therapy is a relatively new mainstream procedure. You may have seen influencers wearing hi-tech looking masks recently and wondered what they are, and they are actually at-home LED treatments.

LED light therapy uses four different, ultraviolet-free LED light wavelengths to treat your skin. The process is clinically tested, and each colour is thought to target different skincare symptoms. Red light is thought to reduce inflammation and have anti-aging effects, while blue light can target acne. Green light reduces pigmentation and yellow light could help those with rosacea.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal uses intense light pulses to essentially destroy the hair follicles. It is popular with people who have dark and thick hair that is difficult to remove and is often used so that people don’t have to shave or wax.

Many salons are now offering people treatment in stages or through financing to help people get this treatment at a more affordable rate.

Lip fillers

Lip fillers are basically injections that enhance the fullness of your lips. People get them for fuller lips or to reduce lines around their lips. They first became a mainstream treatment a few years back when the likes of Kylie Jenner started sporting their new, poutier lips, and they have continued to become popular over the years.


Dermaplaning is used to promote clearer, softer, younger-looking skin. It involves using a surgical scalpel to exfoliate the surface of the skin and encourage new cell growth. It is an incredibly popular skin treatment currently, mostly because of its affordability and the quickness of the procedure.

Skin peels

Skin peels sound horrifying but it’s actually a very gentle and non-invasive procedure. It uses chemicals to remove skin cells and reveal a clearer layer of skin. It can help to promote new cell growth and leaves you with soft and glowing skin.

You can go to a salon for this procedure but there are also skin peeling products available from some brands. Be sure to read all the safety information if you plan to do one at home, and always opt for the professional thing if you are concerned about doing it yourself.