5 Financial Issues That Can Ruin Healthy Marriages

Among many problems that can ruin or destroy a beautiful relationship as marriage is financial problems. For many partners, marriage is a big source of conflict in their relationship and a leading cause of divorce as well.

To help you have a happy married life, you must look past your financial problems or look for ways to sort them out.

Here are some common financial issues that tend to challenge a married couple’s life.

Responsibility of Debt Payment

Most people are in debt whether it is related to school loans, car, or bank loans. It could also be that one of the spouses has gambling and drug addiction habits that have led to money loss. In this case, financial issues can get worse and the partner should consider rehabilitation and get ibogaine treatment.

If one partner is debt free and the other is not, sparks can fly when discussions about income come up. To handle such issues, couples should perform a full accounting of debt and how they plan to handle them.

Hiding Money From Your Spouse

Most often when both partners work and can’t find time to discuss financial issues, they just decide to split the expenses. When each spouse spends money however they like, it often ends up building resentment over the individual purchases made.

It tends to eliminate the financial value of marriage. Such issues can lead to problems like hiding money from your spouse. Couples should spend more time talking about their financial responsibilities in case even one of them loses their job.

If you can’t seem to solve your financial problems then consider going for marriage counselling with your spouse.

Conflict Between Spenders and Savers

The personality of the couple also plays a major role in discussions and habits about money. Even if both partners are debt free, the old problem between spenders and savers can play out in multiple ways.

It is important to know what your and your partner’s personality is so that you can discuss these problems openly.

The reason is that some people are savers who are also viewed as cheapskates while others are big spenders. Whatever profile you and your spouse fit, it’s best to know the bad habits beforehand and address them.

Power Plays

Oftentimes, power plays often cause financial problems among couples. It often occurs when one partner has a paid job and the other is unemployed. Or one partner earns more than the other. When there is a significant difference in the financial background of couples, conflicts also arise.

When such issues are prominent, one who has or makes the most money often dictates the couple’s spending problems. Both partners should work as a team and not try to bring down the other.

Changes After Children

Couples who have children and are planning to expand their families also have issues when it comes to spending money on the children and splitting the costs. There is a long list of children-related expenses like food, clothing, shelter, college, designer clothes, and many more luxuries. But the main issue is not just about the expenses of your children but which spouse is willing to cut their working hours or work from home. You should also have discussions on how to manage finances when one spouse will leave their career to raise the children.