4 Situations in which You should Immediately Consult your dentist

Having healthy teeth is no less than a blessing. They help you perform normal chewing function and fulfil nutritional needs of your body. In addition, healthy teeth are important for proper speech. Moreover, having healthy teeth helps you smile confidently and boost your self-esteem. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper dental care to keep your teeth in good shape. 

However, they are vulnerable and do require proper consultation if any of the following conditions occur. 

  1. When you Experience Toothache 

If you’re experiencing pain in your tooth, don’t wait to get it in bad shape. Run to your nearest dentist to diagnose the underlying issue. Toothache can be due to multiple reasons such as underlying inflammation, tooth decay, sensitivity to hot and cold, cavities, and much more. 

Consulting a dentist will help you know your dental condition and the reason behind your pain. In addition, it will help you resolve the issue timely and prevent serious consequences. 

  1. Loss of tooth

Whether you’ve lost a tooth in a fight or in an accident, it’s important to consult a dentist and know your dental condition. Tooth loss can affect the nearby teeth and become a source of gum disease later. Your dentist will help you guide thoroughly with the options you have and what is best for you. 

Usually, dental implants are preferred in such conditions as they are more durable and natural looking than dentures or bridges. Seeing your dentist without any delay will help you resolve the issue timely without much damage. 

  1. When your Gums bleed

Having bleeding gums is a red flag to consult your dentist right away before it turns into something severe. Poor dental hygiene and unhealthy eating habits can lead to bacteria build-up in your mouth. This bacteria can cause inflammation and lead to swelling or bleeding gums. 

Therefore, it is important to see your dentist to resolve the issue right away. If not, the inflammation can lead to gum diseases and even loss of teeth in the future, if remain unaddressed. 

  1. When You Experience cracked or chipped tooth

Our teeth are hard structures but they still are vulnerable. Poor lifestyle choices can make them weak and crack easily. In addition, teeth can also be chipped or cracked as a result of any injury. In either case, it is important to consult your dentist and let him assess the actual situation. 

The chipped or cracked tools might not be painful right away but they can lead to serious dental conditions such as wisdom teeth extraction due to infection or serious gum disease,  if remained unaddressed. Timely seeing a dentist will help you save yourself from any loss that you’ll regret later. 

Final Words 

Hence, there are a few situations that demand immediate attention of a dentist. Unlike our hair and nails, do not grow back once lost. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to proper dental hygiene and lead a healthy lifestyle to ensure healthy teeth.