3 Reasons Why Orbi Router Keeps Turning Purple

My Netgear Orbi router keeps turning purple every next moment – said an Orbi user. Are you also finding a reliable solution to resolve the same problem? If yes, then taking the help of the information given in this write-up can help you out. Read it carefully and know why the Orbi turned purple and what you can do to change its color to normal.

Why Does Orbi Turn Purple?

The appearance of the color purple on the Orbi WiFi router is a sign that the connection has become weak and you might also face issues like orbilogin.com not working due to the same. Before that happens, you are suggested to troubleshoot the problem. Learning the reasons behind the issue will help you fix it effectively. Below are the reasons why you are experiencing the Orbi router purple light issue:

  • Weak Connection with Modem

The Orbi router shares a wired connection with the modem to route its signals to the satellites and other parts of the house. If this connection is weak, then you might witness the purple light on the router. The connection can become weak in two scenarios. Firstly, when the cable in use is damaged, and second if the connection is not finger-tight.

  • Improper Power Supply

Power supply is the least concerned factor to be considered with respect to the Netgear Orbi issues. But, it has a major role to play. You cannot expect your Orbi mesh system to deliver 100% if the power being supplied to any unit involved is fluctuating. In this case, it is the router that has become a victim of the fluctuating power supply.

  • Technical Glitches

Netgear Orbi mesh system is a part of the technical realm and hence there are chances of the router getting affected by network glitches. Know that the reasons behind technical glitches are unknown. But, they still possess the ability to affect your entire internet usage experience by bricking the home network.

So, these were the reasons due to which the purple light shows up on an Orbi WiFi router. It is anticipated that you are aware of them and hence you can move forward with the troubleshooting process. But, before you do that, ping your ISP and check if he is performing some maintenance from the backend. This is because there are higher chances of experiencing the Orbi router purple light issue if there is an internet issue from the backend. If there is a problem, then it won’t cost anything if you give some time to your ISP to get things fixed.

Fixed: Netgear Orbi Keeps Turning Purple

  • Connect Your Orbi and Modem Properly

Check the entire length of the Ethernet cable connecting your Orbi WiFi router and modem and check if it is all well. By all well, we mean if the cable is in good condition or not. If not, then you are advised to put a new one to use as its substitute. Make sure that the cable chosen by you is capable of transferring data at higher speed rates. In addition, keep an eye on the connection at the end of the Ethernet ports of your networking devices.

  • Ensure Proper Power Supply

Check the power socket into which you have plugged your Orbi WiFi router. In case it is found damaged, you are suggested to connect the router to another but functional socket. If possible, try to use a socket that lies in the same room as your internet modem. Apart from this, be very sure that you are using the genuine cable. It means you should be using the power cable that has arrived with your Orbi package. Otherwise, you are likely to experience the Orbi satellite not connecting to the router issue in the future.

  • Power Cycle the Router

Lastly, power cycle the WiFi router if you are still seeing the purple light. The act of power cycling is a no-brainer activity. The only effort required from your end is to power down the router after disconnecting it from the satellite and other client devices. Wait for the next 10 minutes. Finally, do the exact opposite of what you did at the beginning of the power cycling process.

That’s all about what to do if your Netgear Orbi keeps turning purple. We expect that the light on your Orbi WiFi router will return to its normal working state after implementing the above-given techniques.