12 Inch Ring Light | Know Its Different Uses And Tips to Buy

12 inch ring light

You are a photographer or videographer who wants to learn more about how to light a shot. You know that it takes years to become a good filmmaker, but you might need good images and well-lit footage quickly. This post goes over some reasons why you should think about getting a 12 inch ring light or others to improve the quality of light in your photos. What is a ring light, then? And why do so many people who make content and movies use it?

What is Ring Light?

A ring light is a circle of light that goes around the lens of a camera or is big enough to shoot through.

Because the light source is close to the optical axis of the lens, a ring light gives off light with little shadow. People often call it the beauty or glamour light.

The main job of the ring lights is to give the subject an even light. This lightens the eyes and reduces shadows on the face. It also hides flaws. Because of this, ring lights are often used when taking portraits, glamour shots, or even videos of only one person.

Common Uses of Ring Light

Portraits: Smooths out lines and spots.

YouTube: gets rid of shadows and lights up the face evenly

Glamour Shots: Even light works well with makeup in glam shots.

Different Uses of Ring Light

A ring light or social light main job is to reduce shadows and spread light evenly over the subject. Because it can spread the light so evenly, it’s great for close-up shots, whether you’re taking photos or making videos.

Focus on the details

Ring lights are round, so they naturally draw attention to details and hide shadows. The soft light hides wrinkles and spots, making it great for portraits and even make-up tutorials.

Video Shoots

For the same reason as above, capturing such well-balanced light makes a halo around the subject and highlights features, giving the shot a professional, cinematic look. Ring lights are often used by YouTubers because they are cheap and can make their faces look better throughout the whole video.

Macro pictures

For macro work, you need to get close to the ring light. Use a lens ring light to get a more focused light from the front.

Effects of Color

You can change out the white bulbs in ring light for different colored bulbs to get different effects. Don’t mess with this. This is very helpful for making movies.

Things to Consider While Buying Ring Light

Buying For Smart Phone, Tablet, or Camera:

To choose the best ring light for your needs, you need to think about how you’ll be using it. If you want to take selfies with your DSLR camera or iPad, you should get a ring light that is big enough to fit inside it.

Ring Light Size:

When looking for a ring light, you should also think about how big it is and how much power it has. The light output and colors of what is being lit are better the more lumens (lm) and color rendering index (CRI) there are. This makes a big difference, especially for people whose jobs depend on getting the right color, like tattoo artists, makeup artists, and hair colorists. The best ring light will have a knob that lets you control how bright it is. This will make your life easier since you have to move the light stand to change how bright the light is.

LED Ring Lights And Fluorescent Bulbs:

Fluorescent ring lights are old technology, and they don’t last as long as LED ring lights. When used for a long time, fluorescent ring lights get hot and may make a humming sound or flicker. If the bulb breaks, you will need to buy a new bulb to replace it, but LED ring lights don’t have this problem and give off heat, which may be uncomfortable when applying makeup.