FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version (January 2023 Veraion)

This app is a modified version of the original WhatsApp with much improved and most amazing features. There are many new and useful features in FMWhatsApp that are not present in the original WhatsApp. There are many copies of the original WhatsApp on the internet but all of them don’t have the best features as the FMWhatsApp has.

Custom Themes

Using FMWhatsApp allows you to customize your app with many attractive and colorful themes of your interest. You have plenty of options of themes to choose from. This feature of the app makes WhatsApp use enjoyable. Many new themes are being added daily to the app and are made available free for the users to use.

Exclusive Feature/Time Saving

An exclusive feature of FMWhatsApp APK is that you don’t need to save the contact number on your device to send a message. This feature makes this app unique from the regular WhatsApp. In this way, it saves time that was being spent on saving a contact number. You can easily send messages to your unsaved contacts via this amazing app. Furthermore, you have an option to pin 100 chats on the home screen of your app. The number of chats being pinned in regular WhatsApp is just 3.

Enhanced Limit

There are many limitations in using the original WhatsApp which have been covered in this modified version of the app. In original WhatsApp, you can send messages to 520 people only, while in FMWhatsApp this limit is increased to 500 people.

Using original WhatsApp you can send only 30 images at a time, but with FM WhatsApp you can send 60 images at a time.

Anti-Delete Story/Status

This is one of the most useful features of FMWhatsApp that is not available on regular WhatsApp. On regular WhatsApp, whenever someone puts a status or a story and then deletes it, you are not able to see what the story was. But it’s a unique feature of FM WhatsApp, although it’s unfair, you can see a story or a status even if it is deleted.

Hide View Story/Status

What about viewing friends’ WhatsApp stories /statuses without them being noticed? How adventurous is this?

Yes, you can do this by using FM WhatsApp. This app has the option that allows you to hide the view’s story or status and thus you can view their status without them noticing.

Hide Delivered Ticks/Blue Ticks

Sometimes, you are too busy to chat with a friend, but accidentally leave your friend’s chat on. Maybe, it’s a mistake, but it can cause misunderstanding and problems in friendship or relationships, especially if it occurs again and again. Hiding delivered or blue tick notification is essential for such circumstances. The blue tick will not be shown on your friend’s WhatsApp if you are using GB WhatsApp. You can keep scrolling through your messages and chat without being worried about replying immediately.

Freezing of Last Seen

With original WhatsApp, if you hide your last seen, you will also not be able to view the last seen of others, no matter whether their last seen status is hidden or not. FM WhatsApp allows you to view the last seen status of others even if you hide your last seen from others, and they cannot view your last seen. You can stalk other people’s activities, but they cannot do the same to you. This unique advantage is only for the users of the FM WhatsApp APK app.

Feature of Disabling Forwarded Tag on Messages

In the original WhatsApp, if you forward a message, it will contain a forwarded tag on your friend’s WhatsApp. It does not feel attractive. FMWhatsApp has an option to disable the forwarding tag on messages, and you can forward messages but they will look like they were originally sent.

Feature to Choose Who Can Call You

Getting calls, especially from the one who is relentless in following up with you. This can be annoying sometimes. With FM WhatsApp, you can select who calls you and who cannot. This great feature can benefit only those who use FMWhatsApp APK.


What is the benefit of using FMWhatsApp over regular WhatsApp?

Answer. FMWhatsApp provides many advanced, easy to use and custom features to its users that are not provided by the regular WhatsApp.


FM WhatsApp will not violate or affect the Terms and conditions of the WhatsApp. Verify your phone number by SMS verification after installing FM WhatsApp. It is a very good idea to replace the original WhatsApp with FM WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp contains many amazing and exciting features that the original WhatsApp does not. The updated version of FMWhatsApp is anti-ban and malware-free. FM WhatsApp is a very popular version of WhatsApp, as it has many amazing and reliable features.

If you are bored using regular WhatsApp as your messaging app, FM WhatsApp is for you. You can customize the fonts and color your messaging app according to your taste. Install the updated version of this app now and go to a color chat journey. You will never be tired of using this app. Every time you change the theme, you will get a totally new look of your app.

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